SS Thistlegorm - has to be a recreational divers dream trip.

It’s only a 30m (98 ft) dive. Clear water. Some great WWII artifacts on this sunk cargo ship.

I’m so jealous. :cool: The pictures in this article are so fascinating. Most old wrecks are just piles of rust. This WWII ship’s cargo is still in remarkably good shape.

google image SS Thistlegorm for lots more great pics. like this.

Looking at wikipedia. 30 to 40 meters is the limit for recreational diving.

I’ve done 15 meter dives on vacations with a group. I’d want more training and experience before going any deeper.

The Thistlegorm is an iconic dive in the Red Sea.

Relatively new divers can enjoy the dive, though dive times are limited a bit due to the depth.

For another great wreck make the trip to Cyprus to dive the Zenobia. It was a ferry that capsized and sank. You can dive inside the wreck and still see trucks and cars chained in place where they were secured during the ferry’s fateful maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria.

Sounds like fun. I’m going to talk with my wife about a vacation to dive these wrecks. We’ll both need to get refresher courses before we go. It’s definitely something I want to do in the next year or two.