SSN Websites

People claim there are websites with information about you, such as via a Dob or SSN. Do these really exist? Does anybody know of how to find such sites to see what’s out there?

  • Jinx

There are several Social Security Death Index sites out there, which you can find a dead person’s SSN if you know their name, place of death, or time of death. What you do with that info, I don’t know.

I guess the gov’t figures no harm can be done if a dead person’s SSN is used by someone unscrupulous. I think they’re wrong.

SSA does not give out personal info on any one, living or dead. It definitely does not give out SSNs. There may be some private orgs that somehow gather that info, which may be easy enough to do (but not from SSA), which may furnish that info, but not the gvt.