St. Arnold?

YIKES!!! I just visited the saintly site Alphagene posted, & found no trace of St. Arnold, whom I thought to be the brewers patron. No wonder I brew an occasional bad batch! Out goes the icon of him over my primary fermenter! There are commercial breweries named for this interloper! Should I E-mail them with my discovery?


I understand your concern, Carl, but was whole new thread warranted?

Here’s the original:

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OOOPS, Sorry, Nickrz, I thought that I was in the “Saintly duties” thread! I must have hit the wrong botton.P.S. No Sts. Carl nor Nickrz! Can ypu do some computer magic & place this where I intended? If not, Trash it!

I checked in my “Oxford Dictionary of Saints” and no St Arnold or St Cecil. They do however list Ss Arnulf, Cecilia, and Cecilius.

Lol. Fuggit. Proceed, gentlemen.

topolino posted

Close enough. Languages change names to suit the language (case and gender endings, unpronounceable sounds, etc…). Cecil is English for Latin’s Cecilius. I’m sure Arnold and Arnulf have the same etymological origin. In Catholic circles, that’s more than close enough to be said you’re ‘named after’ that saint.

Before there was an actual human Saint Miguel, all previously born Spaniards named ‘Miguel’ were named after Saint Michael the Archangel.

IOW, close enough is close enough. :slight_smile:

Now, I don’t know if St. Arnulf is the friend of brewers that St. Arnold is supposed to be.