St Louis area Dopers - are you okay??

That’s lives in Affton, she’s still there.

Wow. That can’t be the same condo association we were in when we lived at the corner of Waterman and Belt. How are the Forest Park institutions? I worked at the Missouri Historical Society and sat through all the construction planning and Forest Park Master plan meetings. 'Twould seriously suck if much of that stuff came undone. How bad is Metrolink? I sat through far too much of that planning time, too – can now reel off railroad easement info. in quantity from memeory. Nobody seems to appreciate that stupid superpower, though. I hear the trains aren’t or weren’t running. Is that just because of trees down or are the tracks or stations damaged?


My sister called and said her power just went out, probably because of today’s storms. She doesn’t think it will come back on soon, but at least it’s cooler today.

I live a little north of Grant’s Farm, and we didn’t lose power, or too many trees. We were lucky. I work in the West Port area, and our offices have power up and running. A lot of our employees are coming in to work early to catch some cool. I do know driving to work up Lindbergh the morning after the storm, I did not see a single functioning stoplight from Kirkwood until I got to Schuetz. That’s quite a distance. A lot of the stoplights on Manchester Road are still out, and likely to be for a while.

I didn’t think much could top the storm we had in early June, 2003, but this one managed.

Well, power just came back on – again – at home (in Fenton). Today’s gully-washer apparently knocked a lot of the Meramec Valley back out around 10-11 am.

Here’s hoping that Ameren doesn’t see any more clouds on the horizon; they might be tempted to switch the power back off. Again.