St. Louis Cardinals on Shortwave?

I just bought a shortwave radio, and I’m try to figure out how I can hear St. Louis Cardinals games in Virginia…

Don’t know about shortwave…but you ought to be able to find internet broadcasts for them.

Try a google for it.

The only internet broadcasts you’ll find are the pay plans at Well worth the price, IMHO.

I’m using internet broadcasts right now, but I’m working at a kid’s camp this summer, so that won’t be an option.

What you need is the Passport to World Band Radio. However, if your purchase of the shortwave was in order to listen to baseball games, it was ill-advised. Shortwave, at least in this country, is not a commercially viable medium. As a result, you’ll generally find government-sponsored (VOA, Radio Havana, CBC, Deutsche Welle, BBC) and religious stations. Sports tend to be limited to sports reports on the longer newscasts. I think Australia and NZ may have a little more sports on shortwave, but you’re not likely to pick them up well (if at all) in Virginia, and they assuredly won’t have Cardinals games.

On the other hand, chances are good your shortwave AM set also has standard run of the mill (mediumwave) AM. In that case, check out some of the frequencies in the Cardinals Radio Network. Although some stations are closer, your best bet will probably be mighty KMOX, which you should be able to pick up at night occasionally, depending on the atmospheric conditions. Depending on where you are in Virginia, you may also be able to pick up KDKA in Pittsburgh, and there’s probably some strong stations for Philly and the Mets which I’m not familiar with.

dqa is right–don’t underestimate the signal of a powerful AM radio station at night. While driving through Tennessee a few years ago, I was able to pick up a Texas Rangers game on KRLD 1080, which broadcasts out of Dallas. It wasn’t a great signal, but I had no problem following the game.

Thanks for all this information, this is great. Is there a way to improve my AM reception? I tried picking up KMOX the other night and couldn’t get anything. is there a specific radio that has better AM reception? any general tips?
thanks for the replies…

Why the hell would you want to listen to a Cardinals’ game?

[sub]Go Cubs[/sub]

Check here:

for their selection of AM radio antennas.

They also have what they claim is the best radio for AM reception here:

Wow, those are some pricey antennas. Personally I wouldn’t pay that much, but it’s not because I have any experience with them. And if you can get your money back, it may be worth that much. However, before you do that you may try the cheapskate method: get a long wire with an alligator clip. The longer the wire the better. Ideally it should be some multiple of the wavelength, but it isn’t that critical. Clip the gator to the antenna you already have, and tape or tie or whatever the other end to a tree branch, or around your tent, or some such.

This will not be amazingly effective, but it’s worth a try. I don’t think it’ll be that much less effective than the $100 antennas, but again I speak from ignorance. Also, I’d bet the radio itself will make a big difference. If money’s not a big issue, I’d give the radio GaryM mentioned a try.

I doubt sitting in the car is what you planned, but I have been pretty happy with the auto antenna I got for my in-dash shortwave. This has also improved my AM reception a lot.

Your best bet would be KMOX, after dark. I was driving in Atlanta, GA recently. The station’s signal was strong and clear as though I was driving on Highway 40.