St. Louis Dopers: $11.20 night at the Skyview next weekend.

That’s per carload, not per person. Why $11.20? It’s sponsored by KMOX 1120.

No word on what will be showing on KMOX night; that will probably be announced on Monday.

Hey, thanks a lot! We live in Belleville and have been saying we need to get over there. Perfect chance!

Quite welcome; I figured someone around here would find that useful.

KMOX night will the 25[sup]th[/sup].

The box office will open at 6 pm.

Screen 1: Underdog & Stardust.

Screen 2: Rush Hour 3 & Hairspray.

One last self-bump before tomorrow. I hear they’re calling for storms but it should clear out and cool off a bit in time for the movies.

The Skyview uses an FM broadcaster instead of the old window sets so if you decide to sit in lawnchairs instead of your car, make sure you have a portable FM radio with you.

Again, many thanks! I wish they had paired up Stardust and Hairspray. Incidentally, there’s a big hoo hah going on right now to “Save the Drive-in.” Seems the owners want to sell to someone who’s going to tear it down and put in a subdivision. It’s a shame, since there are so few drive-in’s left. Guess we’d better go while we still can!