St. Louis Dopers. I need storage and a place to live!

Can any of my fellow St. Louis Doper Friends give me some suggestions of an inexpensive storage facility (one of those that will deliver and pick up a “pod” and then store it) and an inexpensive place to life? PM me, if you wish. Thank you! Unfortunately I do sort of “need answer fast!” :frowning:

Do you have a preferred neighborhood/municipality?

At this point, not particularly.

Check your PMs.

ETA: I have no idea if what I said will help, but let me know if you need more specifics.

HUGE help! :slight_smile:

Storage situation taken care of. So: Does anyone need a room mate or an employee? :slight_smile:

Employee: What skills do you have? What jobs have you done?

Let me know if you need any support. They do have some places throughout town in the $500-$600 range that are in relatively decent neighborhoods.

Please PM me if you wouldn’t mind seeing my resume’.

Finding some decent locations/prices on Craig’s list in South City, but would appreciate some first-hand reports. Thanks!

I like the I-270/U.S. 40 area. Decent living, easy access to roads leading to all points. It can be a real traffic snarl during rush hour, but there’s Lindbergh Blvd. and New Ballas Rd. to bypass.

What’s your price range? PM if you want.

300-500 I know that sounds super-low, but I’ve found at least a dozen in this range in decent neighborhoods. It’s going to be quite the time-consuming process and I don’t have a lot of time.

You might want to check out the Shaw neighborhood if you haven’t already. We have friends who have a decent apartment right across the street from the Botanical Gardens for like $450.

Then don’t let it be a time-consuming process. Just pick a place. If you don’t like it, then you can move when your first lease is up, and you’ll have the advantage of being more familiar with the area.

You never know, I selected my apartment here after getting the job offer without ever seeing it, based only on the facts that I could walk to work from it and that a washer and dryer were included. I’ve just renewed for my fourth year. But if I’d hated it, I still could have stood it for a year, and then I’d have been in a better situation to find something I’d really like.