St. Louis Dopers: Metrolink Question

At the free Park & Ride lots, does anyone take any notice about how long your car is parked there?

It seems to me like it would be much more economical to park for free at the North Hanley station and leave my ride there for ten days than it would be to pay $7 per day at the airport parking. Would this scheme result in my car being ticketed and/or towed?

Here’s what the MetroLink sitesays.

So instead of taking your chances at North Hanley, just park at one of the lots that accepts long-term parking.

They’re wise to North Hanley being used as free airport parking. Tow early, tow often is their motto. Don’t do it.

Also, I used to work at the airport & our employee parking was then pretty close to North Hanley’s lot. Despite tall fances & 24/7 guards at the gate to our lot, we had lots of break-ins & vandalism.

NH has no fences or guards. Your car might suffer more from unofficial attention than from the guys with tow trucks.

Thanks for the heads-up everyone! Looks like I’ll try to find a designated long-term spot on the Illinois side when I go!

But wouldn’t vandals also know what areas are used for LTP and make your car that much more vulnerable to vandalism?

The LTP lots are in nicer parts of town.

Different lots have different levels of security, particularly overnight.