ST TOS episode

I’m trying to recall which episode it was where the Enterprise crew beams down to a planet filled with innocents living in a garden of Eden state of unsophisticated bliss. Everything the inhabitants of this world want or need is provided to them via the gods. The gods even provide ‘replacement’ people upon their death. The crew discovers there is an AI machine that’s really running the show. The end up blasting the machine with phasers

It’s “The Apple,” season 2, episode 5.

David Soul (later one of the stars of “Starsky and Hutch”) plays one of the inhabitants.

That’s the one. Thanks.

Also known as the most egregious violation of the PD ever by Kirk…Vaal didn’t just take care of the people, he maintained the enviroment. I’m sure 1701 has smarter people then Kirk on board and soon as they were brought up to date, they huddled with Spock and said, evacuate them all now or leave them to die.

Might want to take flora samples too cause we’re looking at a mass planetary wipe-out.

Well, they italics{were}italics crushing people’s heads like musk melons.

The spray-on tans were so bad that they should of insult to surfers.

Wow. They were The Kids In The Hall before The Kids In The Hall were The Kids In The Hall.

Well, as established by Kirk in “The Apple” and “The Return of the Archons” and “A Taste of Armegeddon” and “For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”, the Prime Directive only applies to the “natural evolution” of a society, and when any society turns over its primary decision making to a computer, its “natural evolotion” is being artificially stunted, and it’s no longer covered by the Prime Directive.

Which lets Kirk engage in his favorite activity. Not, not #@(!ing space babes. #@(!ing computers the #@(! up. For which, also see “What Are Little Girls Made Of”, “The Changeling”, “The Doomsday Machine”, “I, Mudd”, “The Ultimate Computer”, et al.

Seriously, the dude gives Magnus, Robot Fighter and John Connor a run for their money in the smashing computers game.

Now i want to see some aliens in Bio-ships show up and wreck the Eff outta 1701, board the ship and proclaim “How free” Kirk et al are now from their computer masters.

I can’t decide if that title is portentous, or pretentious.

I don’t have nearly as much trouble with the title as I do with the episode itself. What a stinker! I guess it was DeForest’s turn to chew the scenery over an ill-fated space chick.

My most vivid memory was Baal zapping yet another Redshirt with a lightning bolt.

And now, whenever anyone talks bout polycythemia, I always add “xeno” in front of it.

Maybe Starfleet should have had vaccine mandates.

But Bones got to almost die and fall in love, both in the same episode! Two tropes for the price of one. Who can beat that?

But next week, it’s as if she never existed. “I’m cured, baby. No planet is my home. My life, my love, my lady is the space.”

No wonder his daughter hates him.

It’s happened to him before. “Shore Leave.” He’s about to canoodle with the hot redhead yeoman when the Black Knight comes and impales him through the chest.

It’s the twist on the Little Joe Cartwright Syndrome.

Only after the Feds invaded, and only because Vaal told them to.

What I’ve never understood was how the population remained so stable with all those poisonous plants and unstable rocks everywhere.

I also wonder how they could be humanoid in every way except having hormones. Did they really need the Feds to show them how to get it on?

Ah, but Val told them do, and they did. Val is obviously bad, Prime Directive be damned.
Not getting it on would prevent a lot of anger. No throwing explosive rocks at each other, or running off into the dubious bushes.

McCoy in the end: “We set those people back on a normal sociological development!”

Thats the point of the entire PD!! To keep your notion of what is normal out of the equation!

I don’t think there’s a single good Trek episode that covers the PD in a nuanced well-done manner. Maybe “Bread and Circuses”

But they usually ignore it (Fine, say so. Instead of looking for loopholes)…or they drag in God and destiny and are willing to let worlds die to natural disasters. (That Data episode with the girl on the radio)

Or any number of “SEEEEEE!!! We tried to bend it a little and fucked everything up!!” episodes.

And then there’s that dumb ENT PD ep that doesn’t understand evolution, and ignores the nuance waving them in the face!!!:

My understanding of the ep is the dominant humanoid ep has all but enslaved a humanoid race lower on the evolutionary scale. But rather then address the slavery aspect, they make a weird argument that the dominant race has stopped evolving…when you can just switch the argument to one of: “If we cure the dominant race, the enslaved race will stay slaves.”

I don’t know what episode you’re talking about.