Stack overflow error

Whenever I get an email from Tiger Direct, I get this error:

Stack overflow at lines: 0

Anyone know why I get this error or what can be done to get rid of it?

Does the email contain the error message, or are you getting the message from your email client or web browser? What software and operating system are you using?

Does it happen with other emails?

I am using XP Sp3 and Outlook Express. I get the error when I try to read the email. It only happens with email from TigerDirect.

This used to happen in antique versions of IE, and I suppose by extension Outlook Express.


Oh, forgot to mention that I am using Firefox 3.6.16, not using IE

I had this problem with a couple of websites. I think it was “Stack overload on line 104” or something like that. This made it impossible to navigate the sites. I tried to find out how to solve the problem in some non-technical way. I am running two firewalls (CA, and Microsoft). I found that by disabling the CA firewall the problem was solved.

If you’re using Outlook Express, it uses IE.

Disabling Javascript in OE will probably fix it (and is a good idea regardless). This page explains how, but I haven’t checked that myself.

OK, I have done the fix, but don’t know if it works yet. Will be back when I know for sure.