Stalin had yellow eyes?

A Russian friend of mine made some remark about Stalin having “yellow eyes.” Did Stalin actually have yellow-tinted or yellow-colored eyes, or is this some sort of Russian expression for saying Stalin was like a demon?

His eyes were not only yellow, but they had vertical pupils. And his canines were an inch long and extremely sharp. And he had hooked claws in place of fingernails. He was born with a tail, which was surgically removed in his youth. However, the story that he had cloven hooves was just a silly rumour.

Ah, so he was born in the Principality of Georgia on the Planet Krypton. I had always been confused about that. Sure looks like DC Comics has been whitewashing history!

So how did he come to have the yellow eyes? Was it some genetic condition?

you get all different colours of eyes. some people have black iruses, some have orange, some yellow, turquoise, and some people have each eye a different colour.


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That was a Copy and Paste from the website–blame them for the aside.

What a bizarre little thread! I thought I considered myself an expert on Stalin, but apparently not- never heard this.

Perhaps there is an undoctored (ie non-Soviet) color close up photograph on the Net we can analyze?

Oh, okay, never mind, I get it, Man of Steel, Krypton, ha ha
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I seem to dimly recall, from my high school history classes, something about Stalin having bouts of jaundice, which would account for yellowing of the sclera. I might be misremembering (but I don’t think so); I’ll try to find a cite.

Colleen Moore, the famous Silent Film Commedienne, had one brown eye, and one blue one.

Funny, talented, and beautiful, she made many silent films, and a few talkies. She was the prototype for the Flapper Girl of the 1920’s. She was one of few people in Hollywood who stayed loyal to D.W. Griffth after his career tanked. Her eulogy to him in her autobiography is one of the more moving things I’ve ever read.

After retiring, she brought together some of the greatest technical & art people in Hollywood to help her create the greatest dollhouse in history. Which is on display today in Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry.

A search for “stalin jaundice” doesn’t turn up anything. And this doesn’t sound like the same thing.

Pix of mountain lion for comparison.
Maybe a better word might be “topaz”, but that’s probably too flattering for posterity’s taste. So yeah, I’d say that Stalin had yellow eyes.

That’s certainly odd. I mean, you don’t normally see people with yellow eyes running around. One blue and one brown is understandable, but yellow?

The color was most likely amber, and it is indeed a rare but naturally occurring color.

A search with google will find a multitude of cats, vampires, and even the rare person purporting to have this color, which to my understanding is very light shade of hazel.

I know this because my own hazel eyes recently lightened a shade and became the dreaded ‘yellow’ color. [never fear, I’m half a foot too tall to be the reincarnation of Uncle Joseph] Cecil does not explain amber eyes, but this article does go into the mechanics of eye color and changes thereof:

Are we talking about yellow irises? I assumed that if you said a person had yellow eyes, you would be referring to the "whites’ of the eyes. Some ethnic groups have “whites” of the eyes that are yellowish. I suppose they could be discolored by vitamin deficiencies or other health problems, too.

Don’t I remember a National Geographic cover photo of a woman with amber irises? This would have been in the late 80s or early 90s, I think. There was something very odd about her eyes, but I can’t remember for sure if they were amber.

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a cite, and I can’t find a danged thing. I think I’m going to have to find my high school teacher and have a word to her…

I took the OP as meaning Uncle Iosef had yellow sclera, which might indicate some kind of liver disease, but if it was yellow irises then that’s something else.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re talking about yellow (amber, topaz) irises.

Thank you, Reeder, but that’s the same CNN interview as in my link. :slight_smile: Evidently CNN has it in two different places, one under and the other under