Stampeding cattle...thru the Vatican

I always thought that famous scene was part of Mel Brooks genius. Seem that it may not be an original idea.


Not to minimize the plight of the Italians, but it is very tempting to draw a parallel between the perpetrators in the article and certain “ranchers” on public lands in the USA.

It’s tough to catch these guys, because of the code of omoortà.

The main difference is that these guys are grazing illegally, Bundy was legal but refused to pay his bill, for “reasons.”

That’s just udder cowardice.

That’s Cloven Bundy - udderly different.


Aside: I saw the first part of the title, “Stampeding cattle… thru the…”, and expected it to finish with “MMP”.

… and that’s where Papal Bulls come from.

Oh God, that one should’ve been obvious. Missed opportunities.

That’s okay. To err is human; to forgive, bovine.

MOO to you, sir. That was well done!

Whoops, never say well done around a cow.

Holy cow! :eek: