Stand Alone Complex - "Test" Thread

You called?

No, I’m Spartacus!

No-you’re Anna Livia.

Pretty sure I’m Humphry Chimpden…
But I could be mistaken.

I’m Spartacus, and so is my wife!

I just saw Spartacus for the first time the other day. I mean hell, it was about an ancient Roman right, so I figured what’s the hurry. I think they made the right choice to call him Spartacus instead of Dimples McGee. I mean Dimples McGee probably could have inspired loyalty too but you’d not have as many others sashaying around saying *“I am Dimples McGee… I am Dimples McGee… I am Dimples McGee.” * So there’s that.

It would have made the gay subtext a little more bearable, though.

Can we get to the pop-quantum-mechanics portion of the inchoate ramblings, please?

But if we determine that the thread is heading in that direction, we won’t be able to tell where it is now.


You are here.

I used to take that too, getting off of it was a bitch. Good luck on your journey.

God damn it. NO SPOILERS!

Can somebody set that to music? I think we could have a best-seller here!

~golf clap~

There’s at least a couple of references to the Ghost in the Shell anime in there, am I right? What do I win!

Yep, SAC is straight up 1st gig.

By the way bababadalgharagh, welcome to the board. You’ve obviously got a good bit of brain juice, and you’ve got good taste in arts and entertainment. But, lurk more, post less for a while.
This is a board that celebrates (and occasionally immolates) quirky, talkative, oddballs. But it’s a board culture which highly values coherence, elaboration, clarity, writing in proper SAE paragraphs and sentences, etc… Your text really does sound like something someone on psychedelics might write. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it will inspire general mockery and for whatever you actually wanted to discuss, to be lost by the wayside.

Learn the lay of the land and then come back to post whatever you’d like. And as long as you’re doing it in a manner in which people can actually figure out what the fuck you’re going on about, and then discuss it with you, you should be fine.


Everywhere you go, there you are.

Got it, Pip :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.

Jabberwocky is still king. Test failure.