standard food or variation.

(I’m not sure if this counts as a food thread or a poll, but I finally decided poll, please relocate if required)

I was reminded of this by the Pit thread

How many people try to have the same thing the same way. It seems most of my friends drink one and only one pop. They will only drink Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew, or Coke, and if it isn’t there they will just drink water. I seem to be the only one I know who drinks a great variety. Some times I feel like a DP, somethimes a root beer, Sometimes a 7-up, but I wondering if I’m a freak that way.

And with the hamburger thing when I’m at home I never have it same way twice. Sometimes just ketchup, Mayo, and cheese, Sometimes onion Tomato and Blue cheese dressing, sometimes sweet pickles, dill pickles and barbeque sauce, etc. Sometimes I throw caution to the wind and try something really different, Wasabe or Hoisin. Same with hot dogs, whatever jumps into my head is what I have thrown on it.

Now there are a couple restaraunts with one dish I love that I go there specificaly for, but in general when me and my friends end up at a Chilis or Bennigans I’m the only one who gets a menu. Everybody else just gets the exact same thing they have always gotten.
How many people go with standard foodstuffs, and how many like as much variety as possible?

Variety is the underlying ethic of my eating, but I don’t buy an awful lot of prepared foods.

If I see a new ‘exotic’ fruit or vegetable anywhere, I have to try it.
I am always tinkering with recipes etc - apart from cakes and pastries, I never take a recipe book into the kitchen; I’ll absorb the ideaof a dish and throw together something using that as inspiration.

However, I do have favourites that I keep coming back to - at the moment, it’s balckberry and apple crumble (blackberries being in season right now and it’s a good year).

In a restaurant, I’ll often try something I haven’t had before. Failing that, I’ll get something that place does well. Often, though, I’ll get something I don’t haven’t already made at home, either because it’s too much trouble or because I don’t know how.

Variety, definitely. Nearly all my family craves difference. When we go out to eat together we try to each order a different dish so we can all sample them. We’ve also tried nearly every cuisine offered in this area. Of course I have some favorites I go for but I love to try something else if it sounds intriguing enough.

I’m one of the variety people. Considering my profession, I believe it’s important to try all kinds of different and new foods and flavors. I’m a pretty adventurous eater and will try almost anything once.

Except for hot dogs. I am a mustard, relish, and onions kind of gal.

Variety. The only place I always order the same thing is McDonald’s. But then, if I’m eating there, it’s because I’m hungry and it’s available and cheap, not because I’m looking for a dining experience.

I switch between diet, and regular Pepsi, cherry Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, vanilla Coke, Dr. Pepper, and 7-Up. I’m not particular.

I like variety, but I have friends just like your friends. For many of them I can guess what they are going to order even if we are in a restaurant we haven’t eaten at before. I don’t know how people can eat the same things all their lives. It’s like they don’t care what they put in their mouths. Weird.
OTOH, comfort food is a conecpt I fully understand.

Put me in the variety camp. I, too, don’t understand people who don’t venture out and try new dishes. I figure these are the same type of people who thought Titanic deserved an Oscar for Best Picture and eat Kraft singles (kidding, I kid!).

Definitely variety for me. I’m the same with soda; any kind with caffeine besides diet.

In a slight hijack, I’d like to mention how this thread reminds me of the variety Canada has with potato chips as opposed to the 'States offerings. Interesting, possibly delicious flavors such as Ketchup, Mustard, Grilled Cheese and Ketchup, and Dill Pickle, which is now becoming common in the U.S., are availiable. We, as a country, could use more variety along this vein, applying it to other foods as well.