Standards for Cites?


In regard to this thread:

Could we please make a rule that cites have to come from .com or .edu sites? I realize it’s not likely to happen, but can we at least take a look as some of the stuff that is being posted as references…

Hmmm… sounds like a reputable and unbiased source. “George W. Bush’s Corporate Crime Ring”. Looks like objective journalism to me…

Ok, let’s check out, I’ll betcha that’s much better…what’s that? “George W. Bush; Scorecard of Evil”. Yaooookiedokiethen. Not an axe or grinding stone in sight…

Are you just keeping the tools of ignorance warm till the cavalry gets there?

Great idea. There are no biased dotcom or dotedu sites. And no objective dotorgs.

Oh, wait. There are.
Good thought, good examples of crappy support, poor conclusion.

[sub]…I was kidding…[/sub]

Oi. Then the pit isn’t a place for it.

Ay caramba…

I was kidding about the .com/.edu requirement.

I wasn’t joking about bitching about the shitty quality of the referenced cites.

That’ll teach me to use punctuation and paragraphs :slight_smile:


Just don’t ask Blair Hornstine. :smiley:

[ul]:mad: [sup]How dare you post a joke in the Pit. Someone should take you to the er ah Pit for that[/sup][/ul]

Maybe we should only allow cites from .biz extensions.

Can’t we make up our own cites? They’d be so much better at supporting what we claimed, since they’d produce precisely what we asserted they did. And it would save all that tedious research and assessment. Besides, objectivity and fairness are greatly overrated – just ask D******* and R******, right? :wink:

(Running for cover)


And the hits just keep on comin’…

From this GD thread about the Illuminati…

We get vanilla citing David Icke. I’m sorry, but I draw the line at David fucking Icke in GD. What in the sweet name of creamy fuck is next, Jack Chick cites?

I have lost so much respect for GD lately. Screed vs. counter-screed, Fark-esque cheap rhetoric posing as debate, people resorting to sites that belong in Something Awful’s Awful Link of The Day to support their hysterical ranting… To paraphrase somebody (Bricker, IIRC) GD should be a calling card for SDMB. If the bar gets lowered any further, it’ll be a fucking speed bump.