Staph infection in throat

2 months after I started dating my girlfriend (She is now my wife), I developed what looked like infected canker sores in the back of my throat. I walked around miserable for two weeks before I went to the doctor. The doctor took a throat swab and found that it was a Staph infection. It took 3 rounds of antibiotics to knock it out. My questions are… How did I get a Staph infection in the back of my throat, could my wife have caused it? I read about Staph causing Toxic Shock. How dangerous was it for me to wait 2 weeks before I got antibiotics? Some ‘kind soul’ told me that I will always have Staph in my body and if I get real sick or stressed that it will come back. This idea is BS, right?

Many iinfections are opportunistic and occur when body defenses are down and resident bacteria grow more or less uncontrollably… Others come from outside sources in a way as to overwhelm the immune system to get a foot hold.

A staph infection is not something to be taken lightly. A trip to the doctor can be much less expensive that a serious infection requiring long time treatment.

If you can see it in your throad and it is uncomfortable get professional advice regarding treatment ASAP.