Star Trek 50th Anniversary Concert

Performed in Prague, of all places. This is a fantastic 1 h 22 m presentation by very (astonishingly!) young musicians. For fans of “The Inner Light,” there’s a beautiful rendition of Picard’s theme a few minutes in.

I gotta admit, at times I was moved to tears listening to these arrangements of familiar music. So dim the lights, open a good bottle of single-malt scotch, and kick back for an hour and twenty-two minutes. Enjoy!

Thank you. This is awesome. Fun to play “name that movie”

The bass drummer is really cute. She’s a dead ringer for an old girlfriend of mine. :o

I just wish they had included some of the incidental music from TOS: “Vina’s Dance,” “Ruth’s Theme,” “The Planet Killer,” “Kun ut Kali-fee!” f’rinstance.

Almost every character on ***TOS **had his or her own theme that was worked into at least one episode. This included Scotty and Chekov, whose themes sounded very Scottish and Russian indeed.

The Klingon theme from TMP makes my blood run cold! :eek:

*In “By Any Other Name” and “Friday’s Child,” respectively.

Thanks now i have that drink scene music stuck in me head. “Its ahhh…its green”

Incidental music that never gets mentioned is the castle fight music in The Cage. There was a lot of music from The Cage and WNMHGB that was never reused.

Very good! You know your Trek. :slight_smile:

Now, can you identify the moment in "Friday's Child" when we hear Chekov's theme?

Is it at the end? The “Quizzical/ a funny moment is happening music” when they’re talking about the baby’s name?, Maybe when Julie Newmar slaps McCoy and he slaps her back. Yeah thats my guess.

No… It comes right after Chekov’s signature line.

It was inwented by a little old lady in Leningrad?

Oh that stinger. I forgot he was even in that ep. (And yes i had to look up the line)

No… That’s from the barroom scene in “The Trouble with Tribbles” (in reference to scotch versus vodka).

In “Friday’s Child,” Scotty has just ordered Uhura to ignore the second fake distress call.

SCOTTY: There’s an old Earth saying, Lieutenant: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

CHEKOV: (At Spock’s sensor station) I know the saying. It was inwented in Russia. ** [CUE STING]**

I think it may have been used in “I, Mudd” as well: “This place is even better than I thought!”

"Very good! You know your Trek."

By the way, I was referring to the music that comes immedialtly after that. I’m sure you know it. The very well done BABABABABUM BABABABABUM bum bum bumbum!

Also there’s a rumor that this season of STD will immediatly precede the events of The Cage…i’m gonna throw a canon fit though if they have Pike’s radiation accident shown

One more rambling observation: How cool is it that they had Spock limping around without any reference to it other than the mentioned incident where crew were lost. You’d never see that today.Everyone assumes the audience must be led by the hand.

Yes, I realize that wasn’t a good segue from “Friday’s Child.” I was merely trying to acknowledge your comments on the music from “The Cage” and “WNMHGB.” I apologize for any confusion.

My favorite music from Rigel VII is just before the monster fight—the “trippy” theme that was also used when Spock got zapped with the spores in “This Side of Paradise” and when Nona saved Kirk in “A Private Little War”:

Sorry, but I don’t get the reference to Spock “limping around” and the crew being “lost.” What episode/movie is this? :confused:

In the Cage, Pike refers to an onplanet battle they had before the events of The Cage. We see it in the monster fight. When they beam down to Talos in ‘the present’, you can see Spock limping.

In a modern show, the creators would go to great pains to tell us exactly what happened to Spock.

Edit: Not sure what i meant when i said 'the crew were lost". Disregard that part.

Huh. I’ve never noticed that. Time to watch “The Cage” again.