Star Trek Apartment For Sale Again

Apparently he didn’t get a buyer the last time he offered it for sale, so it’s back on eBay. Can’t expect that he’ll get any takers this time, either.

Oh, I like it! In the listing, there’s a link to more pictures of the place. In the kitchen, the food replicator looks suspiciously like a toaster, I’m afraid. I’d like to email the guy and ask if the tranporter pads really work.

Is this what they mean when they refer to Mission Style?

Yes. Just like a mission, you can be fairly certain there’s no sex going on within its walls. *

*I make this stereotypical joke in the full knowledge that nerds get laid too.

I’m not sure which is geekier, remodeling your apartment to look like it belongs on Star Trek or tracking down and buying the sets from Lost in Space and putting it in your basement.

I admit-- I wouldn’t mind an entertainment room modelled after the TARDIS control room, and I’ve given a bit of thought to its hypothetical functionality, beyond the retro decor.

Six networked gaming computers built into the central console, with integrated LCD screens. Recessed trackballs and HappyHacking keyboards for minimal obtrusiveness. Video projector in the ceiling hexagon. That sort of thing.

I suppose I should be grateful I don’t have the money to embarrass myself.

He’s asking a million dollars for it.

A million dollars to never get laid again? I can think of better things to spend money on. Like an amusment park! With blackjack! And hookers!

On second thought, forget the blackjack.

Given the quality of the special effects on Dr. Who, you should be able to re-create the TARDIS control room for about $3.98. :smiley:

Hey, that’s surprisingly cool. Of course, it’s also surprisingly expensive. And there are no windows. I wonder if he has one of those new $5000 Japanese toilets in it?

A million, eh? What a complete waste.

And the neighbors?

Romulans? Ferengi? Klingons? the Borg?

ah…the mind boggles!

I checked it out, very spiff…

My main problem with it is he tried TOO hard. What he did was throw in the Brig, the Kitchen, the Transporter [!] and a whole bunch of nonsense smoke-and-mirrors lights, control panels and doodads that take up too blasted much room!

What he needed to do was replicate a star trec era living suite on the Enterprise…he could still have the neat wall treatments, lighting bars, but throw in a largerscreened LCD dvd/video deck tv, done as a viewpanel, a reasonable ‘lounge’ or bedsitter area and a nice bathroom like he has and it would look nice. I would consider buying a flat that was a decent replica of say a Babylon 5 suite, some of them were quite comfortable looking, or the cabin-suite shared by Obrien and the oriental woman he married that was shown on DS9 [I think, might have been on one of the starships, IANAT]

You’re thinking of Keiko and Miles O’Brien and they were on both ST: TNG and ST: DS9. They were semi-regs on the former and regs (well, Miles was) on the latter.

You could hang this over your bed. :smiley:


Have to admit, Garibaldi ws my favorite character on the show, though if I had to pick one to be, I would have been Ivanova…I can really identify with her=)

Well. Coincidentally, she’s the one I’d pick to do. :smiley:

No windows because it’s a basement apartment. His mom’s basement I believe.

Oh, yeah, someone on another board emailed him with some questions about the place, this is the response she got back

I’m not exactly sure what a “push-flush toilet” is.

How in the heck do you build the LCARS screens and panels and then from there, what would one do if you wanted them actually operational. It doesn’t seem like it would be impossible in todays age.

Check again - there are windows, he just covers over them=\

How much would it cost me just to build my own?