Star Trek character name similarity question

I stopped watching Star Trek TV shows faithfully about 5 years ago, and I haven’t read any of the books in as long as I can remember, so I’m hoping someone who has kept up better than I can help me.

Has there ever been an explanation given for the similarity of “Noonien Soong” to “Khan Noonien Singh”?

I am quite aware than in real life, similarities like this happen. But this isn’t real life. Surely it occurred to somebody when they first decided on a name for Data’s creator that it sounded awfully familiar.

None given in the series but Word has it that someone really liked the soud oKhans last two names and changed them slightly for Data’s pop.

Me I always like the the Commador Mat Decker/ Captan William Decker conection, even though it was never explained in the film. Might have made Kirk’s attitude towards the younger Decker a little different had they fleshed that out

Ah! But it WAS explained in the novelization of ST:TMP!

Captain William Decker was indeed Matt Decker’s son.

I’ve heard that Gene Roddenberry knew a guy named Noonian Singh back during WWII and named his characters similarly to try to get in contact with him again, which he didnt.