Star Trek: Noonian

Is Kirk nemesis Khan Noonian Singh and Data creator Noonian Soong…related?


Nobody names their kid Noonian anymore.

Or ever.

The decade before ST:TOS took place, “Amerigo” was back in vogue for a while. At least in the Alpha quadrant.

Yes, but in not in the biological sense. Noonian Soong is the grandson (possibly by genetic engineering) of Arik Soong, a geneticist and promoter of genetic augmentation for humans. In the Enterprise episode in which he was shown, he was attempting to create a “good” version of Khan Noonian Singh. And it is proposed that his grandson was named after the despot, and that Data was ultimate culmination, once Arin decided to go into AI/robotics instead.

They’d only related in that they’re both named after the same real life individual.

So, Star Trek: Noonian isn’t the latest TV spin-off? :frowning:

Best friends with Dr Jackson Roykirk, too!