Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Thread

Starting with Episode 2 I thought a single thread would be better.

Wow, they really are trying to course correct. A Star Ship going to a planet Just Like Earth ™ is the Trekiest of Treks that ever Treked and I enjoyed it. An interesting stand alone story with some threads from the last episode. A good continuation.

Yeah, Ep 2 is really good.
There’s a first-class mystery in the Red Angels, the character interaction is stellar (which is, I must say, a carryover from the first season).

Better yet, it captures the best of the old Trek - the exploration, the discovery, the moral background - but it has enough of an edge from new Trek to mix it up. There’s a lot going on.

I’m really stoked for the new season.

I also liked that (I will spoiler this because the episode just dropped)

The religious folks were not fanatical crazies. That would have been an easy trope to go with.

[quote=“Quimby, post:3, topic:828363”]

I also liked that (I will spoiler this because the episode just dropped)

And would be in any post TOS show for sure. Good on DISCO for avoiding that.

I am glad the Just Like Earth aspect was due to actual migration and not convergence. While I’m glad the actor who plays the deceased doctor is still around, I hope they find a way to bring him back in a more substantial way. I’m getting a strong vibe that Michael and Spock had a thing at some point.

I only hope the resolution does not lead directly into the events of The Cage. Given the tone and what we’ve seen…it would seem hamfisted. Whatever happened right before The Cage, it seems grounded and the result of Pike misjudging a basic situation…not some pseudo-mystical-Clarke’s Law-mumbo jumbo.

And given the uniforms, I’d think The Cage took place already.

This was a damn sight better than the premier. I thought that one would end with a group hug or a Starfleet cheer or something.

This show is garbage and tries too much to be like Star Wars.

Well, so much for the hope that they’d just decide to quietly bury the spore drive. Seriously, how that idea ever made it out of the first shit-shooting brainstorm meeting, I’ll never understand. I guess they needed to top Khan’s reviving blood and Scotty’s transwarp transporters in terms of universe-breaking mechanics.

Still, I’m hopeful for this season. This episode was trying a bit too hard, perhaps—it was basically a hodge-podge of Trek tropes, from the lost offshoot of humanity in space, to interactions with mysterious unseen beings, to everybody always being special (“You’re the youngest ever to be allowed into Captain school”, or whatever it was), and finally, to prime directive (sorry, ‘General Order 1’ :rolleyes:) bullshit. I mean, seriously, they’re just gonna leave them? What if whatever happened to cause the debris to deorbit happens again?

So again, not a stellar episode—lots of clunkiness, like being dumped right into exposition central after landing on the planet—but I think they’re heading in the right direction. Now I only worry they’re going to blow past it at warp speed. Or spore speed?

Lol on New Eden first time in Star Trek history a captain chose to go with the prime suggestion sorta

Don’t forget the really horrible “science.”

Yeah, I wasn’t convinced by the quick explanation of the matter transporter either.

I was thinking of the whole “radioactive debris ring bringing on a nuclear winter” thing, including the part where if they get to a certain part of it in 12 minutes, 37 seconds, and 29 milliseconds they can save the day, but if they get there in 12 minutes, 37 seconds, and 30 milliseconds they will be too late.

Oh, I wasn’t bothered by that - with orbital mechanics there are very, very fine margins between success and failure sometimes. Our lowly current 21st-century space agencies have a much firmer grip on that sort of thing as opposed to, say, travelling faster then the speed of light.

That was just one aspect of it. The whole crisis of something disturbing material in the ring and causing it to fall to the planet over the next few hours is utter idiocy–in long-standing Trek tradition.

The force left star wars long ago, but you’re correct.

CBS released ep 1 on Youtube so i got to see it instead of seeing clips and reading reviews

I guess Pike’s (sorta) fortune cookie about A Cage confirms my fear of where this will end up for him.

I like the quiet “human” moments. Sarek, Amanda. Anthony Rapp. Lot of general stuff I dislike. The so-called snappy dialogue. Christ doesn’t it get exhausting speaking in one-liners and constantly having this “GO GO GO GO” attitude? Green continues to have two modes. Increduality and the verge of crying.

Wow…Discovery has failed so badly, we arn’t talking about it.
Whats dumb about this whole thing is…I’d have been perfectly happy with the adventures of Pre or post-Cage Pike, Spock (If they got Quinto) Number One, Colt, Doc whassisname, Navigator dude*…So being a TOS prequel wasn’t the prob.

*The Cage did more in one episode to establish characters then DISC has in 1+ seasons.

What the actual fuck did I just watch?
Spocks Brain at least had the benefit of some curvy human alien ladies.

How do you ruin this.

this show has such a strange cadence.