Star Trek "Generations"

I apologize in advance for the length of this query, but I just wanted to get something straight.

In Star Trek Generations, Captain Piccard fails in his first attempt at stopping Soren from blowing up the star in order to divert the Nexxus to him. Because he failed, he too ended up in the Nexxus. An aborition of Guynin(sp?) tells him that this is all real, and he can be happy here forever. Piccard, being honorable, decides he won’t stay, and that he wants to go back to the moment in time right before Soren launches the missle. After getting Jim Kirk (also in the Nexxus) the two of them magically appear on the mountain in time to save the planet from being destroyed.

Well what about Soren? Does the Soren from the successful attempt get to stay in the Nexxus or does he also get sucked back to before the star was destroyed? Also, if Piccard and Kirk screwed up, wouldn’t they just end up in the Nexxus again and then decide to go back to try and stop him again? This makes my head hurt.

I know it’s just a movie, but if anyone has a take on this, I would appreciate your input.

So to break it down: Soren, Picard, Kirk, Guynin abortion are all in the Nexus. Picard and Kirk leave the Nexus to go back and stop Soren.

Soren is still in the Nexus. He finally got to the place he wanted to be. In one reality. Kirk and Picard stopped him from destroying the star in the second reality. The second reality is the one that is important now.

I doubt this answers your question, but it makes pefect sense to me. :slight_smile:

“I hate temporal physics!”

According to the “physics” of the Star Trek universe, going back into the time stream before Soren blew up the sun and killing him meant he never made it to the nexus.

You’re missing the important question: why steer the Nexus when he can just get into a spaceship and fly into it?

“The Nitpicker’s Guide” ripped this movie a new one. According to this excellent book, blowing up the star would not direct the Nexus toward the planet because the physics are all screwed up. More damning, though, is the fact that there’s no reason for Soren to blow up the planet because he could just take a ship and fly into the Nexus. Although someone (Data, maybe?) makes a point in the movie of saying that you can’t just take a ship and fly into it, what was happening at the beginning of the movie? Two SHIPS were stuck in the Nexus.

I meant “there’s no reason for Soren to blow up the star.” Aargh.

Yes, it does kind of beg the question of how Kirk got there…
p.s. I realize some people don’t like Guynan, but calling her an abortion is a bit harsh. Howzabout “apparition,” or “echo” (that’s what she called herself, and it’s easier to spell).

Most of the time this would destroy the ship before the occupants would get ‘into’ the Nexus, as was said in the movie (although I can’t remember who said it). Soren did not want to die trying.

What I found interesting is how Sorens’ little rocket could travel to the sun in a matter of seconds. Maybe it had a warp engine?

If you started critizing Star Trek physics, you’d be here for ages. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering why they aren’t all still in the Nexus. After all, Guinan’s “Echo” was in there, after she’d made the choice to leave. Wasn’t Soren trying to get Back to the nexus?

I apologize for my spelling in the OP. I was in a rush as I was leaving work. At any rate, I subscribed to robgruver’s explanation that while one Soren was in the Nexus, the Soren that was important to Picard and Kirk wasn’t. As far as flying into the Nexus, as robgruver pointed out, it was possible to fly into it, but most died trying. As to why Kirk was in the Nexus, I believe he was there because he actually did get in by flying while trying to rescue the others in the ship that was being torn apart by the Nexus. The real question is why did Guynan say Kirk felt like he just got there too? Wasn’t it hundreds of years previous that Kirk got sucked in? Back to another point from the OP. Wouldn’t it be impossible for Kirk and Picard to fail as they could simply return to the mountain again and again? Where’s the drama in that? “Whoops. We botched it again. Let’s go back and try it this way this time.”

You can only get in via the nexus, and it moves, and is hard to predict anyway. Picard wouldn’t be certain that he could get back in and try again. He did fail the first time, thus the reason behind taking Kirk with him. More help.