Star Trek III question

“Brain, Brain, what is Brain”

I don’t think that was unique to Vulcans. Tellar and Andor were both in the Federation at the time of TOS, but we never see Tellarite or Andorian officers or crew on the Enterprise. It wouldn’t surprise me if most humans serve on majority-human vessels, for that matter.

It needn’t be racism behind this. I can think of several practical reasons why vessels tend to be one-species. Andorians like it much colder than humans; humans like it colder than Vulcans. Maybe Tellar has a 30-hour day, and Tellarites have a circadian to match.

Starfleet may actively discourage long-haul ships like the original Enterprise from carrying too many different species as ship’s company.

Am I right in thinking the Enterprise wasn’t the flagship during TOS? In TNG it was and one would expect it to be crewed by the best of Starfleet, yet it only had a few token aliens.

There’s very practical reasons for Tellarites generally serving on Terrarite-only vessels. Just review the conduct of the Tellarite ambassador in “Journey to Babel” or any member of the race in the extended universe, and it’ll hit you fast.

Also, from the novelization, it’s clear that Saavik isn’t completely up on Vulcan customs. She was raised among Romulans, doubtless as a slave or something nearly as unpleasant. She sits at his coffinside the night before the funeral to ward off predators in a Romulan custom; it’s not surprising she doesn’t know what Vulcans do.

As I wrote upthread, there’s other reasons. For example, I imagine the artificial gravity on a Vulcan starship (say the Intrepid) was kept at 1.5 g or something. The ambient temperature was probably something like 110° F or better. Humans are not going to want to live in such conditions. Hell, they were still using ordinary buttons in TOS, and the Vulcans’ idea of what is an appropriate amount of pressure to activate a control are probably quite different than any humans.

not many people know the alternate version of “drunken sailor”, called “dead vulcan”. if they had they could have just sung the song until they got to the verse that would be most logical.

and Valeris was not a spy. She was part of a group in Starfleet that was working with the Romulans and elements of the Klingon Empire to thwart the peace process and attack the Klingons while they were weak, but she was working for Adm. Cartwright, not the Romulans.

That bugged me. As I understand it, they originally intended the character to be Saavik, then blinked.

Ah well. I’ll just assume that Saavik was on Vulcan raising Spock’s bastard son, conceived in Trek III.

In the weeks before Trek VI came out, a friend of mine, who claimed to have “connections” in Hollywood, gave me a photocopy of what he claimed was the actual script of the movie (somehow smuggled away from Paramount). It being the pre-Internet era, spoilers were often hard to come by, and I had no way to verify, at that time, if it was accurate or not. At that time, before seeing the movie, I suspected it was a fraud.

Then, I saw the movie, and discovered that the script he’d given me was about 98% accurate, down to much of the dialogue. I suspect it was a draft copy, from fairly far along in the pre-production process. The glaring difference between what was in that script, and what wound up on screen, was that Valeris was still referred to as Saavik in the draft.