THe Search for Spock---Or more Spock Questions

Hey, will someone please give me the story of Spock’s background? BF is no help, even though he supposed to the Star Trek nerd.
Spock is half-human, right? Well, why did a Vulcan have a child with a Human?
What is ponfair (SP? You know what I mean)
And any other general info about Spock and Vulcan society. Really, it’s driving me crazy, especially since I watched “The SEearch For Spock” last night, and it only confused me more.
I’m trying to be more interested in Star Trek (I’ve always been the type to take it or leave it, and not care either way), for the sake of BF (He enjoys talking about it, etc etc.) and I would like to know what the hell he is talking about.

Spock is half human. Sarek married Amanda, Spock’s mother. I’m assuming Sarek found the relationship good, the few times you see them together they seem to get along nicely.
After Amanda dies, Sarek remarries one more time. That’s in Next Gen, however. He gets something like alzehimers, wherein vulcans, it causes a vulcan to lose control of emotions.

Pon-Far is the vulcan time of mating. Vulcans have repressed their emotions to the point where they only mate once every 7 years. It was used once in the original series, and wasn’t refered to again, that I’ve ever seen.

Vulcans worship (for lack of a better word) logic. It saved them from being savages. Generally, they excell in sciences, diplomacy (Sarek met Amanda on earth, one would assume) and engineering. They don’t command well, however, or Spock would have had his own ship ages ago.

That’s a good start, I think. Anything else? :slight_smile:

You might want to check out one of those Star Trek series guides or technical guides. I’d be willing to bet there are lots of Star Trek FAQ sites out there. (Look up “star trek” on Most of the Science Fiction rings seem to be Star Trek or Star Wars.)

That said, “pon farr” is the Vulcan mating ritual, as shown originally in the original series episode that sf writer Theodore Sturgeon wrote (Amok Time?)

Spock’s Father – Sarek – married an earth female. Why and how, I do not know. Fanfiction being what it is, I’ll bet someone has at some time described THEIR pon-farr. Mating of species from two different worlds has always bothered me – to quote Larry Niven (speaking of Superman and “LL”) “He could more plausibly mate with an ear of corn.” The likelihood that chemistries and DNA and all would allow mating seems nonexistent. But such inter-stellar mating seems to be the rule in Star Trek. Maybe it has something to do with those ancient aliens that scattered life throughout the universe, including the Amerindians on some far-off world in the “Kirok” episode.

The practical reason, of course, is that it gave them an excuse to show a character in the angst of “becoming human”. Every Star Trek franchise has a character struggling to “become human” – Data on STNG, The Doctor on Voyager.

Thanx for the info. :slight_smile:
I guess what was really bothering me is the whole Vulcan/Human thing. Here’s why:
Vulcan’s repress their emotions, because they worship logic.
Sarek apparently feels something for an Earthling.
It always appeared to me that Vulcans do not hold Earthlings in high regard.
Now Spock is Jim’s best friend, but only because Spock is half-human. Which goes back to the whole confusion about why Sarek married Spock’s mother! I don’t understand!!!
And I can’t remember where I heard this, or what I was watching, but I KNOW I heard Sarek say something about how he is disappointed that his son exhibits Human qualities.
But he apparently felt SOMETHING for a Human…
Maybe I am thinking about this too much.

It was also used once in ST:Voyager, but not very well.

Okay… now if only can explain why people who worship logic wouldn’t have emotions. What’s illogical about emotions?

And why, if they just don’t LIKE emotions, did Spock feel pain when he was forced to feel emotions? I don’t get it.

I may not have this verbatim.

Spock: She’s so emotional. Why did you marry her?

Sarek: It seemed the logical thing to do at the time.

Dudes, Sarek was stuck on Earth and unable to get back to Vulcan during the pon far in which he uncontrollably took the closest worthwhile human, Amanda! After a pon far like that, they were BOTH hooked :wink: Ergo, Spock. No wonder they don’t talk much about about it.

Spock: Dad, why Amanda? I mean, she’s a … a… a Terran!
Sarek: Well, you know… I mean, she was askin for it…
Spock: Dad!

Could happen.

Vulcan urine is the color and consistency of crude oil. I read this in a Starfleet Medical Manual, published back around 1978.

Is this going to lead to a “Vulcan TMI” thread? :slight_smile:

No. :smiley:

A technique called “genetic fusion” allowed Amanda & Sarek to have children.

A good volume to consult is “Spock’s World” by , uh, can’t recall the author’s name. But it discusses Vulcan, Vulcan history, Vulcan evolution, & Vulcan politics.

Spock: Emotional, isn’t she?
Sarek: She has always been that way.
Spock: Indeed. Why did you marry her?
Sarek: At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.
from the episode Journey to Babel

According to one of the ST movies, Spock had an older half-brother, but I think Trek fans have agreed to forget that entire movie ever happened.

Bosda, what you have posted has intrigued me. Anyway that you can be a tad more specific? I don’t know if I’m interested enough to buy a whole book. Though I might…

Arkin, it isn’t emotions themselves that are illogical. It’s how illogical we act when we get emotional.

It was used twice, once in one of the doctor’s daydreams and once it affected a volcan crew member who tried to mate with Torres and ended up psychically affecting her behavior.

Vulcans don’t like emotions because they’re so emotional. :slight_smile: Apparently, Vulcan had an extremely agressive past, with city states on Vulcan fighting endless wars over control of resources, and the Vulcans were a passionate, warlike people. In reaction to this, the Vulcan philosopher Surak developed a philosophy of pacifism, logic, and repression of emotions, arguing that emotions were inherently bad, because emotions color an individual’s judgement, and therefore lead to illogical decisions. Emotions also lead to a worldview focused on the individual, where a person will act to become happy, or maximize his or her advantage, instead of acting for the good of the community. Emotions are dangerous. (BTW, if Zeno has any heirs, they should consider suing Surak for plagarism) Surak’s philosophy swept across Vulcan, because the inhabitants were tired of war, and it, and it’s offshoots, became the dominent philosophical schools on Vulcan. Those rejecting the philosophy of Surak fled off planet, eventually becoming the Romulans. (Yes, I’m a total geek).

The showing of emotion is painful and mentally draining to Spock, because he’s making an active effort of the will to repress those emotions.

Spock’s World by Diane Duane is one of my favourite ST novels. As Bosda said, it alternates chapters of the history of Vulcan (including Sarek’s history with Amanda) with a “current” storyline involving Vulcan’s referendum to decide if they secede from the Federation. Duane is one of the two most entertaining and creative ST novelists.

Unfortunately, the novels aren’t canon, so any explanation in them may not be correct from the producers’ POV.

And, my biggest problem with “Spock’s World” is that, at various points during the debate, the audience laughs.