Do Vulcans have sex at times other than Pon Farr?

On an episode of Voyager a few weeks ago, Tuvok’s time came and went with no real consummation; he just got through it with willpower, some medication from the holodoc and a surrogate wife created on the holodeck. It seems to me, though, that when Voyager gets home, that since Tuvok is not due for another Pon Farr for seven years, that his reunion with his wife will be a little…anticlimactic.

So my question is, do you think that Vulcans can have sex at other times, for special occasions maybe (homecoming after being stranded 70,000 light years away for 7 years),
Or when wanting to concieve when the time is right economically instead of when hormones dictate?
“The birds and the bees, doctor,…are not Vulcans.” - Spock, “Amok Time”

Fictional characters can do anything you want them to.

I suppose they could. It’s so much a plot device anyway.

I KNOW that. I’m just trying to have some fun with some nitpicky, anal-retentive Trekkers like myself. If there can be threads about a 36 year old Rudolph TV special and the powers of Magneto, both equally fictional, surely there can be one about the sex life of Vulcans.


It is strongly implied that Spock played hide the plomeek soup'' with the Romulan commander in The Enterprise Incident’’, where he and Kirk steal a Romulan cloak. I watched this one again recently and was actually quite impressed with the episode.

I guess I’m not such a big Star Trek fan 'cause when I first read the title of this post I thought it said “Do Vulcans have sex at times other than Porn Fair?”.

Yes, but they don’t enjoy it.

geez, why don’t you just ask one?

I remember playing Star Trekm the RPG, in college. We played it as Ponn Far was the only time Vulcans, male or female, had sexual relations. Well, imagine being on a starship, light years away from a class M planet, going through this horrible thing, and…

…the whole ship consists of Vulcan females. The entire crew were Vulcan females, and it hit several crew members at one. Talk about a frenzy…

But God, it was fun!

Please clarify – did y’all have an orgy? In character, I’m sure.


apparently vulcans are the only beings who can get away with the line: “i could die tomorrow, if we don’t tonight.”

yes, they can and do have relations between pon farrs. it just becomes a matter of life and death if they don’t during pon farr. i wondered if there was a stigma attached to vulcan siblings born perhaps… 3 years apart.

a vulcan porn fair… fasinating,

I wonder what young Vulcans do like when they are in puberty. I mean, does the young Vulcan male have premature Pon Farr? Heh, that would be a funny and special episode of Voyager or any other Star Trek spinoff.

They probably enjoy it a lot more since they’re such a emotional lot. They just surpress it with lots of BS about logic and such.

I’d love to get away with a line like “It is logical that we should do it like hot teenagers on spring break as we might not see it again for some time”