Do Vulcans have recreational sex between the Ponn Farr times?

Just curious.

sounds logical to me…

Let’s hope so … :slight_smile:

I seem to recall hearing somewhere that every seven years they were compelled to mate for reproduction and the rest of the time, they just did it for, um, relaxation purposes.

Or maybe I just made that up back when I had a crush on Spock.

I thought the point of Pon Farr was so the uber-logical Vulcans would drop their repression every now and again and get down to the biological necessities of getting down. So rarely, if ever.

Do Romulans have a homologous conditions? How about those Vulcans that live outside of the “repress emotions” philosophy?

In The Enterprise Incident Spock tells the Romulan Commander that “under certain circumstances” they become interested.
Joanne Linville qualifies as a certain circumstance.

Do Vulcans get morning wood when it’s not Ponn Farr time is another unanswered question.

I thought that Romulans were Vulcans who rejected the “repress emotions” philosophy.

In one episode of Voyager (when Tuvok gets the Pon Farr), it becomes pretty clear that Vulcan society is extremely sexually repressed. The Doctor calls their attitude “Victorian” and gets an angry remark from Tuvok.

Romulans are Vulcans, but have some small differences, so transplants and stuff are hard to do (hence that TNG episode where they got an injured Rommie, and all the Vulcans on the ship are useless, but Worf (WTF?) can donate blood.

I should get a cookie or something…

In the Enterprise episode where T’Pol is mind raped, the fat Vulcan (they are without logic and eat meat and stuff) says to Tripp and Malcolm that they are experimenting with chemically inducing sexuality.
“Any good Scotch will do that.”-Scotty

My little Vulcan girlfriend likes it “Romulan style”

funny story: when we first met, she said “The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that multiple orgasms don’t exist. Are you interested in an experiment?”

It ain’t just their eyebrows that arch!

Vulcan mating rituals??

Boring! Boring Boring! Deadly dull. Vulcan’s have the reputation of being the most unarousing lifeless sex. Next to it chriogeniac or necrophiliac sex is a wild romp on both sides.

They prefer only one position,. the most logical position… but because they are pricks they won’t tell us which it is.

They also tend to go into great clinical detail of what they are doing as they do it.

Vulcan phone sex goes something like this,
“Right now I am 25.67% aroused. the blood flow to my genitals has increased by 24 ml and the incline has increased by 2 degrees. I will now prepare to get into the mounting position by adjusting my weight to my left arm and…” And so on.

Human’s who have mated with Vulcans are rumoured to have their memories erased visa vi Mind Melds and even then the act itself is so drawn out and such a deadly dull experience most fall asleep during the and forget anything ever really happened.

Now if you want something really wild I understand Horta Sex is so Hot most human’s who have engaged in it leave as a pile of steaming ashes.

but only for purposes of scientific research.

Do Vulcan men get “green balls?”

Are Vulcan pimples green?

A teenaged vulcan looks down…
“That is not logical! Stop it right this instant!”

adds a whole new meaning to the Vulcan Nerve Pinch…


DO they have sex between Ponn Farrs?

Yes. But they don’t enjoy it.

Not to mention The Death Grip.