Star Trek Just isn't my thing

I dunno why, exactly, i’ve watched a few of pretty well all the spin offs (what are there now, 4?). I’m really don’t know just what it is… just doesn’t get me going. Maybe i need to watch more? But then again, who needs to watch more TV?

I really dont like the new one, where they’re all “we’re a long way from home” and everyone the meet tries to kill them or infect them or present them with some moral hang up…

Actually, every episode of any of them i’ve seen fall in to one of those 3 choices

And why does everything they meet speak English? What the hell kind of sence does that make? I mean, i know they’ve probably got some kind of translator thing, but in some of the ones i’ve seen there’s just NO way that’s going to work.

I dunno, i havn’t really watched enough of them to bitch about it, i just don’t get into it i guess. And so many people do… oh well

Damn Upham. And here I was, thinking you were cool or something. I stuck up for you, man! Now you tell me you don’t like Star Trek?

I think the deal is off.

I didn’t say i don’t like it, i’m just not as into it as some folks seem to be (and man, some folks are really into it)

I just donk know how people can get so obsessed with it…

Lookin for some answers here i guess

Star Trek? What’s that? Is it like Battlestar Gallactaca?

Rasa has brought my total lack of spelling to my attention.

for all of you out there humming and hawing over my missed / added letters, mangled (almost to the level of Dubya Bush) syntax and all that other spelling stuff i’ve but one thing to say:


Thank you all.

It’s ok. If we were in the Star Trek world, you wouldn’t have to spell correctly, the bulletin board software would fix it for you.

Despite his not being as attuned to Star Trek as many of us, he does hit on very good points. I’ll tackle on one of them:

  1. Two of the main problems we have today, namely communication and race relations, seem to have been miraculously solved to an extent before the beginning of the Star Trek saga. Rodenberry created the show at the height of he Civil Rights era. He wanted to make a statement about how, when different races do get along with each other, using a uniform mode of communication (namely, English), that a lot more can be done in upbuilding the human race, to the state that was at the beginning of classic Trek. That being said, there should have been some more episodes on how this relative peace on planet Earth was achieved, and how the universal translator was perfected. Two of the most important developments in human history is taken for granted in the Trek saga. (Probably the one who can detail the path to ultimate peace and universal communication will be obligated to do it for real.)

Warning… Editorial ahead…

Yeah dude… startrek is just DUMB! Also BORING!!

…Geee… what new features can we put on a guy and call him a humanoid from ork?

Trekies are always trying to act so scientificly oriented. Yeah… all I know about physics and astronomy I learned from Startrek! Nanu Nanu.

I’m with you here, bro. As with the Grateful Dead and the In & Out Burger chain, I fail to see what the big deal is. As far as TV shows go, I suppose it’s not nearly as heinous as Full House or The Rosie O’Donnell Show. But the “moral” lessons of each episode always semmed somewhat simplistic to me, and I’m unimpressed by technobabble. Actually, I stopped enjoying Sci-fi/fantasy in around 7th grade. Maybe it was all the D&D fanatics who listened to Rush all the time that scared me off. I don’t know. Not to be overly judgemental or anything.
Oh, and the original series? Maybe it was a marvel of special effects for its time, but having grown up in the Star Wars generation, I thought it was lame. And it had the worst acting this side of Batman.




Damn, Upham, your atrocious spelling (isn’t that Tori’s nickname) is rubbing off on me. Read “seemed” for “semmed” above.

I’m with you on the Grateful Dead. Dude they fucking suck. But In & out? you are mistaken.

oldscratch, I hate it when we fight like this. Why must we lose sight of the love we feel for each other and argue over petty issues? It only hurts us both.
Anyway, In & Out’s burgers are fine. But I can’t stand their fries. I know, this is their selling point to most people I’ve spoken with. “What, you don’t like the taste of natural potatoes?” Why no, no I don’t. I like them processed and loaded down with artificial flavors and preferably fried in bacon grease. Sorry, that’s just how I am. You know who has some tasty fries? Wendy’s. There. I said it and I refuse to be ashamed. Now you can begin crucifying me.

At least it’s not McDonalds.
I would take cardbord. They’re just a ketchup delivery device.

Unabashed Star Trek fan here, all four series and the movies.

If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. I don’t get NASCAR racing, sports in general, or women, so you’re entitled to not get somethings I enjoy.

No need to be mean about it. :wink:


I never understood the cult of In & Out, either. I went once and decided that it didn’t provide any kind of joy that I didn’t already get from McDonald’s or Burger King, so I didn’t go back.

[trekkie rant]
There are a lot of Trekkies, myself included, who don’t like Voyager that much, either. The premise (being a long way from home) was pretty constraining on plots… it becomes very hard to have recurring characters if you’re always trying to travel home as fast as possible. The first couple of seasons, it got ridiculous the number of times the same group of Kazons would show up to wreak havoc. The writers eventually had to dump them for other series of hard-headed aliens who would show up a couple times a month until they, too, got really old.

But the whole premise of being away from home could have been salvaged by focusing on the people on the ship instead of the aliens they meet. They should be living under extreme conditions all the time, with no starbase to help them patch up the damage they get… but every week the ship is shiny and new, and they seem to have forgotten all about rationing food.

IMHO, one of the biggest mistakes the writers ever made was killing off the character “Lon Suder,” a crewman turned psychopathic killer, played by the always creepy Brad Dourif. A great foil for Tuvok, who couldn’t figure out the “logic” behind his actions… There’s no capital punishment in the Federation, so what do you do with him? Lock him up in his quarters for the next 70 years? He could be the recurring “villain” that is able to travel with the ship the whole way. So do the writers take advantage of this character?

Noooooo… he gets killed off by a Kazon while saving the ship.


Another problem with Voyager is the UPN network, which probably makes some boneheaded demands on plots, characters, etc., which the syndicated TNG and DS9 never had to deal with.

And one more point, and I’ll shut up :slight_smile:

I love DS9, and to a lesser degree TNG for the same reason I’m disappointed with Voyager: character development. Give me any main, or recurring character on DS9, and I could probably write out a good-sized essay on their history, personality, motivations, etc. Most of them have great backstories, and their characters make big and interesting changes along the way.

On the other hand, here’s what I can write about Harry Kim as a character: Um… he was kinda green when he first came on board… and everyone thought he held the captain as some sort of mother figure. He’s friends with Tom Paris… aaaand he can play the clarinet. Oh, and last night we found out he can play the saxophone, too. :rolleyes:
[/trekkie rant]

Just gonna have to live with that one. Would make some pretty dull episodes if you can’t figure out what the aliens are saying.

Um, Er…I’m a Deadhead AND a Trekkie. But I’m at an age where if people disagree with my taste, I can live with that. If you really do hate the Dead, check out the lyrics to Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia

[sub]i like the Dead[/sub]

Waaaait a minute… this is MY thread, and if i like the Dead, then i’m gonna bloody well say it!


And Dave Matthews (though he’s sold out) and Rusted Root, and Phish and Ani Difranco, and Jefferson Airplane, Janis, Jimi, Doors, Paul Simon, Gordon Lightfoot and a pack other folks! SO THERE!! SPELLING OR NO SPELLING I LIKE 'EM!!

[sub]must learn to stand up for self, must learn to stand up for self, must learn to stand up for self[/sub]

I gotta say… at least N’sync fans like a crappy band that’s still alive and making music.