Star Trek Novels Question

Deep Space Nine was my favorite Trek series and I’ve a sudden desire to check out some of the DS9 novels that take place after the end of the series.

Anyone know of a good site that lists all of the DS9 novels with brief spoiler-free descriptions so I can know which ones take place after the series and figure out which ones sound interesting to me? I’ve been looking, but haven’t found anything useful.

I’d appreciate any assistance offered. Thanks.

Also, it would help if any site you guys may know of lists the novels in order of publication.

If you can wait until Monday, I think I have a site bookmarked at work that lists ST novels, with some descriptions; I’ll check it first to see that the site is still there.

Having read a few of the post-DSN novels myself, I’ll offer that I found some of them fairly good, but others only so-so. Many of them are part of a series, unfortunately, which means that in order to find out what happens, you have to get the next book(s) and some of them have just been awful.

Sorry that you have to wait until Monday, although I might be able to do a search and find that site from home. See what happens; if I find it, I’ll post it. :slight_smile:


I’ve read 'em all except for the very newest hardback novel and maybe one or two novelizations of various shows and I could give you some suggestions but the only way I could give you descriptions is to lug all my books in here and plagarize the back covers. :slight_smile:

Sure, no rush. I’m reading something else right now anyway. It’s not like I’m planning to rush out to the library (which is where I get my books, broke bastard that I am) the second I get the info. :smiley:

Pertaining to the quality of the books, that’s true with all Star Trek novels. The ones I’ve I’ve read, DS9 and otherwise, have ranged from excellent to bloody awful. I figure if I read descriptions of them though I can at least get an idea of whether or not I’ll like the book so as to hopefully not waste too much time.

As for books that are part of a series, that doesn’t bother me as long as it’s a good series.

Well, if you’re willing to offer suggestions, then basically anything that does a decent job of capturing the feel of the series would be worth checking out in my mind.

Also anything relating to Quark, my favorite character.

Quark, eh? You’ll definitely want to check out “The 34th Rule” then… a book centered around him and written by Armin Shimerman to boot.

Some others off the top of my head are"The Big Game", “Fallen Heroes”, “Valhalla”, “Devil in the Sky”, “Saratoga”, “A Stitch in Time”, the “Millenium” trilogy, and all the books written since the relaunch of the series. I believe the first two books in the relaunch are “Avatar” books One and Two.

Happy reading. :slight_smile:

I’ve done some searching for Avatar, clearly the place to start for post-series DS9 fiction, and I’ve a question about the books.

Usually what I do is reserve books over the Boston Public Library website and pick them up at my local branch, but the Avatar books seem be under a single listing, which means I’m gonna have to take a half-hour bus ride out to the main Copley branch to pick them up. (A minor inconvenience I know, but still annoying.)

Best I can figure, this is due to confusion over the fact that the books don’t have distinctive titles (Just Avatar Book One and Book Two) and were apparentlypublished on the same date. (This according to info I got off Amazon.)

So here’s my question, if each book is under 300 pages and both were published on the same date, why was Avatar published as two volumes? Seems like a shameless money grad to me. Makr fans pay $6.99 each for two books instead of $7.99 or $8.99 for one.

If this is the case, what a buch o’ greedy batiches!

That’s pretty much the case, yeah. It’s just one story split into two books.

Actually, the DS9 Relaunch is one continuous story line (though each book does contain individual stories, think of it like the final arc of season 7) so if you read them out of order certain details won’t make as much sense.

I’m loving them myself, plus if I’m not mistaken, they’re considered canon.

Cool. But what is the exact order of the relaunch books released so far? I know the two Avatar books come first, amd the description I read on Amazon leads me to believe Section 31: Abyss comes next. After that?

On the TreBBS (I assume the url is something like ), there is a section for “Trek Literature,” where a good number of the authors post. I’m sure they, or one of the fans who post there, could get you a complete list, post haste.

Sir Rhosis

The site I was going to suggest appears to be down. Sir Rhosis makes a good suggestion for TrekBBS, though. Here’s another site I checked out last night; while not as complete as the one I was going to refer you to, the site author’s favorite series is DS9, so his reviews of those books are fairly comprehensive:

I don’t know what’s going on with the other site, I hadn’t looked at it in a long time, but here’s the main part of the URL:

(Sorry, I was having a problem with cut & pasting this am; I do have that site bookmarked at work - heheh, yes, I check out ST stuff during my lunch! - so I will post that link on Monday. Maybe the site will be working then)

Hope this helps some. I will also second the opinions that you do need to read the books in order, or they will be confusing, and that yes it does seem that it’s a money-making racket. LOL Haven’t gotten any new books recently; I’ve been haunting the used bookstores near me. I will be at a regular bookstore today and may pick up a couple of the newer DS9 novels; if I do, I’ll also post brief synopsis’ of em. :slight_smile:

Ah, the psiphi site is at a temporary home! here’s the URL, although he hasn’t moved it all over yet:

Very comprehensive site; please check back to see what is going on there with the books. Also, just checked on the trekbbs site, and there is -a lot- of info there, and many links too.

Good luck, Fibber McGee. :slight_smile: