DS9 novels. Where should I start?

All suggestions welcome. Would like to start post TV series. Even if it is with a whole new set of characters.

Thanks for any input.

I’ve read a few that I’ve really liked:

“Time’s Enemy” by LA Graf is very good. Part of a four-book series collectively called Invasion!, each from a different Trek series, but they each can stand alone.

“The 34th Rule” by Armin Shimerman, quite good, obviously based on the Ferengi.

“Dark Passions” is a two-volume series by Susan Wright, focusing on the lovely ladies of the “Mirror Universe.” It includes characters from TNG and Voyager as well, but I seem to recall it was largely DS9 based. My copy uses the DS9 font on the cover, at any rate!

Geez criminy. I found it impossible to believe that novels would continue to be published even after the TV series was over, but it looks like they are.

Which means I have no advice, really, except that Peter David wrote one or two early ones, and he’s always a delight. If there have been more, they’d be my first pick.

I was always a fan of Peter David – the only DS9 novel I recall was written way way back in the 90s, I think during the first or second season, called “Siege” or “The Siege”, about a serial-killer onboard the station. It was quite good, from my memory – scary and intense.

Most of the works cited above were published during the run of the series and are “stand alones” not part of the “greater continuity”. Since DS9 (not to mention TNG and Voyager are now done, the 24th century Trek novels are kind of under a larger umbrella continuing the adventure of the respective crews forward from the ends of the various series.

“The Siege” is very good, and “Fallen Heroes” is another thrill-ride of a novel, taking place in an alternate timeline.

If you’re looking for post-series novels, though, I’d start with “Avatar”, books one and two, and from there just go through the DS9 relaunch novels. A couple of them are doorstoppers, but they’re very good.

And this continuity is intricate. I mean intricate:

(Large image)

If you want to read the DS9 relaunch in a specific order, I’d suggest this site:


There is a Post series storyline but for a first book I would recommend Day of Vipers by James Swallow. It is technically part of a trilogy but is actually a stand alone story. It is a prequel that outlines how the Cardassians conquered Bajor and it it doesn’t go the way you expect.