"Star Trek" pixel art

I love this - see how many you recognize (there’s a key at the bottom): http://johnmartz.com/trexels

Points for Arex & M’Ress.

Who is the guy with the giant dildo standing next to the horta?

Adam, one of the space hippies from “The Way to Eden,” I think:

The tribbles next to Cyrano Jones look more like Cyrano had a bit of an “accident”. :smiley:

Very fun picture.

Hah! Balok AND the “puppet”! There’s a Pakled! And KHAAAAAAAAAAN!

Oh, this is somebody’s labor of love, all right.

ETA: I just noticed the Captain Proton group (hint: they’re in B&W).

There doesn’t seem to be anyone from Star Trek V.

That’s because Star Trek V never happened!!!

I think that’s Spock’s brother, fourth row down, tenth figure in. He’s standing next to the one-eyed Klingon who was the villain in VI.

This shows me how little I’ve seen of Voyager and Enterprise. Good thing they will be streaming on Netflix soon.

If you want to save yourself from slogging through a lot of crappy ST, there are some earlier threads on the best of Voyager and Enterprise. Or I could just tell you myself!

Who’s the half-disintegrated guy near the middle (#128)?

I believe that’s the remains of parasite-controlled Admiral Remmick from this episode of TNG, after Picard and Riker get finished with him.

And for Morn and Spot. Not sure which one of them had more lines throughout their respective series. :smiley:

I always thought the very last line of DS9, as the camera pulled back from the station, should be Morn breaking the fourth wall and simply saying, “Goodbye”!

I’m pleased to see the Pakleds made the cut. They are smart.

Make their ship go! Make it go fast!

(I always thought the Pakleds were a joke that someone, to this day, is surprised made it all the way into the series, and from there into canon. Someone who did consulting work in a previous life, perhaps.)

No, he’s the guy in the very upper right corner.

It’s Kirk, holding a giant rock phallus as a weapon while on the run from a large android named Ruk in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”. Cite: http://zombieroom.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/07-What-Are-Little-Girls-Made-Of.jpg

From the costume I had thought it was Roger Corby himself… but it has the same Kirk head as #1 so I guess you are right.

So are we going to list these off?

I’ll try Row 1

  1. Kirk
  2. Spock
    3 McCoy
    4 Uhura
    5 Sulu
    6 Checkov
    7 Scotty
    8 Rand
    9 Chaple
    10 Kyle (?) (I’d like to think it’s the rarely heard Leslie)
    11 M’Benga
    12 Could that be Riley?
    13 Arex
    14 M’Ress
    15 Harry Mudd
    16 Kirk in Mirror Universe Garb
    17 Mirror Spock
    18 Gorn Captain
    19 T’Pau
    20 The second Mugatu :wink:
    22 Vina as an orion Slave Girl
    23 The Ridler… I mean Bele (And yes I verified which side he is white on! That’s Importatnt you know)
  3. His name was Adam…