Star Trek "red shirt" joke

My wife thinks I am making this up but I could swear the writers sneaked in a ‘red shirt’ reference/joke into one episode of TNG. Does anyone else remember it? I think it may have been Riker the made the remark? (although I confess I don’t even specifically remember the joke just that they made some kind of reference). Can anyone maybe help out with the season/episode? (or if I’m really imagining it then let the truth be known)

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I don’t remember anything from STNG, but the Wiki does mention the DS9 Valiant episode, which reminded me of, The Lord of the Flies.

I suppose it’s possible it could have even been DS9 or Voyager

Doesn’t seem likely to me as all the command personnel in STNG wore “red shirts” or red jumpsuits.

Their version of red shirts would have to be gold or blue.

Nevermind. Just figured it out. It was from the movie “Into Darkness” (scene w/ Chekov)

I guess you found it, but Galaxy Quest contains a couple of lines in reference to the idea, though not specifically to the color of the shirt. Quoted from here: