Star Trek: The Next Generation - Random Season I Quotes

Troi: Great joy. And gratitude. Joy. And gratitude.

Answer(in the form of a question): What did Troi say when she experienced an orgasm by proxy during the reunion of the space-jellyfish in “Encounter at Farpoint Pt 2”.

Next Jeopardy answer. “How easily you humans do that.”


“What is Data’s response to Riker’s whistling?” I think.

Next up: “You jewel. That’s exactly what I hoped.” – Tasha Yar

Ding ding! Data was trying to whistle in the Holodeck and Riker found him struggling over the ending to “Pop goes the weasel”. He finished the little tune and won the admiring statement quoted above.

The answer to yours would be “What did Tasha Yar say to Data in response to his comment ‘I am fully functional in a wide variety of techniques.’ in the episode ‘The Naked Now’”

Next up. Wil Riker - “No, a little more sultry.”


Wasn’t that what he said when he was defining Minuet on the holodeck? Can’t remember a season/episode though.

Why limit ourselves to season 1?

Here’s mine:

“I will feed him.”

Oh yeah, that’s Worf. I can’t believe I got the first Worf quote.

“What does Worf reply when Data says he must tell Spot ‘he is a good cat, and a pretty cat’?”


“You are very tall.”

What does Troi say to Riker when confronting the short Holodeck version of himself in Hollow Pursuits?


You weren’t like that before the beard.

The episode was named “11001001” (with the Bynars), and I think it was 2nd season.

That has to be Q After summoning a pair of women to fawn over Riker, right?

Looks like a fun game. Better than mine!

So… lessee… not staying in season I, doesn’t have to be funny, but alright if it is…

Got one!

“Please continue the petty bickering.”

Data to Wyatt’s mom and Lwaxana Troi during a pre-marriage dinner.

“Your entire civilization, it all begins in this little pond of goo.”

That’s Data. No idea what the context is.

Series finale, Q to Picard.

Q, dipping his hand in prehistoric slime in the final episode.
“If there’s nothing wrong with me, there must be something wrong with the universe!”

All Good Things and they were in France!

Stupid slow connection/server

“Thank you for the drinks.”

Mr. Homn in the same episode as the petty bickering quote.

Mr. Barclay, I believe. Not sure which episode.

Dr. Crusher, trying to figure out why she’s the only one on the ship?

I suppose I should add one. This might be incomplete, I’m relying on memory here.

“I have the utmost respect for the law.”