Star Trek: The Next Generation - Random Season I Quotes

Whoops, it wasn’t Reg. I won’t give it away, but I did forget to add a quote, so here’s another one:

“I don’t see no points on your ears, boy.”

Encounter at Farpoint, a very old Dr. McCoy to Data.

Fun! And I always love:

“This is down. Down is good. This is up. Up is no.”

You speak of glory and of conquest but where are the words…duty…honor…loyalty, without which a warrior is nothing.
Worf, Heart of Glory

Data to Spot

“Life support is offline.”


“There were brave men aplenty, all well known to fame, who served in the ranks of the Czar…”

(Bonus points for finishing it)

slightly tangential but…
Quark, pointing at his ears in amazement, when Odo asked him how he could hear the shapeshifter moving around two decks below.

(Oh, this is of course, not on TNG but DS9 which IMO blows anything else Star trek right out the Galaxy- seasons 3 thru 7 anyway).



Heck, why limit ourselves to NextGen?

“Get the cheese to sickbay.”

Majel Barrett Roddenberry as the ship’s computer voice to someone in several different eps of TNG, VOY, and DS9.

Since the series line has been broken…

“I want to stay… stay… stay…”

“Captain, we’re receiving 285,000 hails.”

Data to Riker in “Parallels”, when Worf is trying to get to his home universe.

“If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand!”

Wesley Crusher from the Worf show Parallels - Season VII

“If you plick me, do I not bleak?”

First Contact.

No takers on mine? Hint: The line is sang, not spoken.

Drat, I thought this thread was going to be quotes from ST:TNG Season 1 which showed just how much Trek has devolved over the years. You know, stuff like:
DR. BEVERLY CRUSHER: “You have a headache? That’s remarkable! Headaches are almost unheard of thanks to 24th century medicine.”

ST:TNG, season 1, episode"11001001"

…but the greatest of them, was a man by the name, of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.
-Abdul A-bul-bul Amir

Lore, to Dr. Soong after passing himself off as Data to get a chip upgrade. I remember the gist of the tune, but can’t remember exactly how it goes.

Nice work emekthian and emekthian! I was kind of being tricky when I said “finish it” b/c I was looking for Lore’s next line. “I always loved that song. But I could never get the cadence right…” Although adding the next line of the actual song, which is never said in the episode (the preceding lines were) most definitely deserves bonus points. :slight_smile:

“Still no help for the Klingon…”

Replace that 2nd emekthian with Catalyst. :o

Data while dealing Worf a card in a poker game

“It is … green.”

Scotty in By Any Other Name to the alky Kelvan. Still some unsolved ones up there, y’all.

*corrected quote