Star Trek (TMP/TNG) and Blackstar Cartoon Themes (plus Holst)

For a few months in 1981 there was a fantasy/scifi cartoon on Saturday mornings called “Blackstar” —

I loved this show, not for any characters or plot, but because the music reminded me of the theme song from the 1979 Star Trek movie


Star Trek: The Motion Picture —

Blackstar —

Star Trek: The Next Generation —

Did anyone else notice and remember this?

I also initially became a fan of Gustav Holst’s The Planets because “Mars, the Bringer of War” reminded me of Star Trek music —

Did anyone else notice the resemblance?

I never really paid much attention to it, but now that you mention it, they do seem a lot alike.

Also the theme song from Filmation’s Flash Gordon, from about the same time period.

I remember that show …. the original run and one of the local stations used to run a whole block of filmations stuff in a block it was Blackstar he-man tarzan and zorro and a couple of “funny” other ones would rotate in and out (who ever at MGM thought to give them tom and jerry needs to be castrated and disemboweled in the real and after life)

the episode I remember was they had a flood and the aquaphobic dwarf gnome whatever had to suck it up and save the people and tree they lived in

I remember that show because the Sword was unique (I am pretty sure I even had the toy) but I honestly don’t hear the resemblance in music other than a sight one.

It actually reminds me more of John Williams’ Superman theme than Star Trek.