Star Trek Tos Season One On Dvd

I really really want a copy but I’m not sure if it is worth the price. Maybe I should wait until Christmas. This looks like a good deal and has extras but I don’t see anything indicating if THE CAGE is included.

If anybody has got this let me know if it is worth looking into.

The Cage apparently isn’t included. :frowning:

Interesting marketing: in the US, if you buy the set at Best Buy (a contradiction in terms), you can get a bonus disc. The version sold in the UK includes this disc.

A bonus disc? Why isn’t it included in the set to begin with? And no “The Cage”? That’s just messed up.

How is Trek about its extras? Are the season sets good so far? How about the special edition movies? I’ve not seen any of them.

I guess it’s a deal BB made with Paramount. To correct myself, the stuff on the bonus disc is included on the 8th disc of the UK set. At least the box itself is the same.

I bought the UK versions of TNG, DS9, and am getting Voyager. It has far superior packaging and a few extra features not found on the US sets. Even with the exchange rate, the prices are the same or slightly better.

Isn’t the UK in a different DVD region that requires a different player?

Hit enter too soon.

And why the hell is the UK getting DVDs of *American *shows with more extras?

Beats me. Hell, they had box sets of Futurama and Family Guy long before they were available here (I’ve got those, too!). Other examples of this are Friends and South Park.

As for your other question, a couple of years ago, I bought a region free player with a PAL-NTSC converter built in. Plays like a charm. It even plays DVD-RWs. This is good because it allows me to test burn a DVD (to check menus and such) before committing to a DVD-R.

Paramount says they weren’t going to offer the UK packaging because it would add too much to the price!

Bullshit. I got the Trek sets for the same price, but usually lower (the exchange rate was a little better then) INCLUDING shipping, than the US versions.



Thanks for the heads up. I’m asking for the DS9 season sets for Christmas and my birthday and will have to tell my parents to get the UK versions instead of the American ones.

I’ve got the US DS9 DVDs. Each season comes with a disc of bonuses - typically an hour or so of interviews and such. No commentaries.

This is beyond exciting! I know what I’m begging for for Christmas and/or Channukah (and hell, I’ll even throw in other gift-giving holidays I don’t celebrate)!

Supposedly The Cage will be included with the Season 3 set.

So is this extra disc available at the Best Buy in Canada as well or o I have to make a day trip and spend extra for teh exchange… of course I need to know if the extra disc worth it

From a review at

Originally, the article said it was just Best Buy, but apparently, the other stores are subsidiaries or owned by the same company.