Star Trek USPS stamps coming out this year

Unlike the STAR WARS or HARRY POTTER stamps, no specific actors or characters will be depicted.

I hardly use stamps nowadays. But I will be buying these.

I know no living persons are depicted on U.S. postage stamps, but surely they could have put the late Gene Roddenberry on one. Or Leonard Nimoy or Deforest Kelly or James Doohan.

The guy in the transporter beam sure looks like Kirk to me! :dubious:

That’s obviously Nimoy’s hand giving the Vulcan salute! :smiley:

I believe the tradition is that the person must be dead for ten years (excepting ex-presidents), so Nimoy wouldn’t qualify. I’m sure they’ve made other exceptions, though.

About four years ago, they changed the rules to allow stamps of living persons.

Thanks! Although I’m hard pressed to think of any living people who have appeared on stamps since the policy change.

Well, speaking of Harry Potter

What? You mean we don’t get to vote for fat Kirk or skinny Kirk?

Not very inspired designs, I’m afraid. (Aren’t the star-streaks going the wrong way?)

Why did they decorate the Enterprise like a Christmas tree?

This just in. Paramount/CBS have issued a cease and desist order against the USPS, saying “they are trying to profit from our intellectual property.”

The Post Office will make out big on this. Think of all of the dorks who will frame and mount these and never use them. And of course there will be legions of boobs who will but them and save them because “they will be worth something some day.” As if. They will print out jillions of them.

Is this a whoosh, or do you have a cite for this? I’m sure these are being issued with the full cooperation of CBS and I can’t find anything online.

It’s a little bit of a whoosh inspired by what’s going on with “Axanar”.

I like the new ST stamps. They have a certain retro charm.

They’d done it even before then:

Arguably the stamps honoring the first lunar landing and the flag raising at Iwo Jima also depicted living Americans.

OK, that went completely over my head. What’s going on with “Axanar”? :confused:

There’s a crazy thing the kids these days are all calling “Google”: