Star Wars: Clone Wars is on Netflix. (All six seasons)

Just a friendly heads up to the nerds out there.
I have to say, I’m rather impressed that Netflix was able to get their hands on a Star Wars title. I’ve been wanting to watch this series for a while now.

Just a heads up: Disney licensed exclusive rights to their properties to Netflix for streaming. It’ll be phased in for a while as existing deals expire but that means a lot of content - Disney, Touchstone, Marvel, Pixar, LucasFilm and such - will be on Netflix after a bit. It’s one hell of a coup for Netflix.

So is the series a follow-up to the animated movie, or is the movie between one of the seasons?

Well gosh darnit doohickey, I was just about to drop Netflix as I seem to use Amazon Prime much more. I only stuck around this month because I heard Clone Wars was coming.

This surprised me as I was sure Disney was going to start up their own Streaming channel.

Speaking as a business and market analyst type, I’d bet they have. There are a LOT of outcomes here where Disney just picks up Netflix and folds them to their mousy bosom.

Get THAT image out of your mind.

Well there’s the rub. The first three seasons of the TV series (which were way better than the movie, apparently - I never saw the movie, just the series) are in random chronological order, for some reason. It jumps around all over the place, in time. So they can be watched in broadcast order, or chronological order, and the movie fits in somewhere amongst that.

The movie comes first. Anakin meets his padawan Ahsoka Tano in the movie.

Not quite. There are episodes that don’t have Ahsoka so could be before meeting her. And this page seems to agree.

Good lord, that broke my brain! I could almost get my brain wrapped around episodes mixed up with in a season, but damn, they got them mixed up through out the entire series.

I feel like I’ve been Jedi Mind Fucked!

Disney hugs or all!

I’ve been eager to watch the 6th season episodes for a long time!

The first arc with the order 66 stuff is very good, and the ending is pretty shocking.(no spoilers)

The Rush Clovis arc is eh ok, we get to see Anakin sliding even more down toward anger and evil and the plot is alright.

The Jar Jar Binks episodes are pretty dire honestly.

Haven’t got a chance to watch the final Yoda arc yet, but it looks like it is probably the best.

The sixth season never aired, right?

No, and what they are calling the sixth season is 13 episodes that were already almost in the can and done when Disney cancelled the show. They first appeared on Netflix.

I’m someone who’s never watched beyond the Short films that aired on the Cartoon Network many years ago (they were mini episodes a few minutes in length each). Any suggestions on the best ones to check out of this series?

Just noticed this on Netflix and watched the first episode. Yes, already better than the prequels, but I wonder why if they had the focus shift to fighting droids to nerf the impact of the violence, why humanize the droids so much. I really felt sorry for them.

I watched the first season on DVD from Netflix a couple of years ago and really was surprised at how good it was. I only stopped watching due to a change in available free time, but now that’s it’s on instant streaming I’ll certainly start watching.

Far and away (first season at least) some of the best SW outside of the original movies, IMO.

So the consensus is to just start with episode 1 and go from there?

Yes, and just be aware that sometimes characters will be met for the first time, but after we’ve already seen them in other episodes, and some events will be spoken of and then we actually see those events later.

I’ve started watching the series on Netflix, but I can’t seem to get past the standard battle droids being used mainly as comic relief, too many pratfalls and physical humor

I wasn’t expecting a group of Funnybots…awk-waaaarrd!

This is an anthology series, you can jump in anywhere and watch any episode without worry about spoilers as long as you’ve seen the prequel trilogy.

Oh wow if you want a place to start watch season six The Lost One, just watched it and it has to be one of the best episodes of the entire series. Action packed, well animated, and finally answers a long standing mystery from Attack Of The Clones.