Star Wars: Clone Wars revived!?

Just noticed on Facebook that the official Star Wars Clone Wars page updated their cover pic to include the words “Clone Wars Saved.”

So I did some poking around, and apparently Dave Filoni just announced at San Diego Comic Con that they’re bringing Clone Wars back for new shows.

I’m pretty pumped about this, as I freaking loved the original run. I know this is just reviving an oldie, but I hope they tell more Star Wars stories via TV series.

You may already be aware but Netflix produced at least one new season.

I don’t think they produced it, per se. I think it was the half-season that was already in the works, and they just released it.

But, yeah, I’ve seen it, and thought it was really, really good.

Nitpick. Netflix didn’t produce it. As the original 5 season run was winding down, Dave Filoni asked George Lucas if they could keep doing more and he approved and funded 3 more seasons. Then a while later, he sold off Lucasfilm to Disney. Disney cancelled the show and released the episodes that were already completed via Netflix. (Which is why the “Lost Missions” DVD/Blu-ray is released by Disney whereas the “Complete Series” box set of the first 5 seasons is from Warner Brothers)

The arc with Fives uncovering the Order 66 chips and programming was amazingly tense, especially considering we already knew it could not end well. I also loved the arc showing how Yoda learns the secret to becoming a force ghost.

I’m looking forward to this, although not looking forward to having to pony up for Disney’s streaming service to watch it. Maybe I’ll end up waiting for a physical release. Thanks to Rebels, we know what happens to Ahsoka and Rex, and Episode III reveals everyone else’s fate, so spoiler aren’t a big concern.

If it helps there is more and more evidence the “Disney Streaming Service” will just be Hulu. Disney will own 60% of Hulu after the FOX merger and it would make sense to use Hulu’s existing technology rather than reinventing it.

Awesome news. Best animated series I’ve seen. And Anakin is actually* likeable*!

It also makes the prequels retroactively better, which is amazing by itself.

True dat.