Star Wars Clone Wars is VERY good BTW

I don’t see this show getting much attention at all, and if you have been soured on Star Wars after the prequels I understand but if you like SW or sci fi you should watch this show. It is probably some of most morally murky stuff on TV, sold as for kids no less!

It starts very rocky, both plot wise and animation wise and gets light years better as it goes. But even some early episodes are excellent like Rookies. I love the episodes that feature Anakin slowly degrading morally, “I don’t need mind tricks to make you talk!” “What?! Oh come on he threatened to blow up the ship”(Anakin responding to Obiwan’s outrage that killed a guy from behind) it believably shows how the clone wars could cause Anakin’s downfall.

The recent episodes on Umbara are a high point probably for the whole show. My only complaint is they should have left Krell as just a bigot, instead of the villainous reveal. The clones talking among themselves was amazing “if we are just tools, what happens to us when this war is over?”. This was like Band Of Brothers mixed with Blade Runner.

The current arc dealing with slavery, I love the irony of the jedi condemning slavery and trying to rescue the colonists while at the same time using an army of SLAVES! An episode is titled Slaves Of The Republic, wonderful. How dark can you get though? The slave commiting suicide, the implication of sex slavery(in the slave market a Twilek female is shown to a prospective buyer that looks at her face and skin so I doubt shes being bought for labor) and the execution of a dozen slaves to break Obiwan’s spirit.

The show is clearly made by classic SW fans, the love shows through. I’m at the point I’d rather consider this the prequel story and ignore the movies.

I friend of mine tried to get me into this show. I was a hard sell, but he finally talked me into coming over to his house to watch an episode, assuring me that, despite the setting, it was nothing at all like the prequel movies.

The episode we watched featured Jar Jar Binks being mistaken for a Jedi.

I never watched a second episode.

If you’re referring to the Genndy Tartakovsky-made cel-animated shorts, I saw some of them and was impressed. If you’re referring to the half-hour CGI TV series, the few episodes I saw were awful, unwatchable, childish dreck 100 times worse than Phantom Menace’s pod race scene…

My better half brought home the Lego Star Wars game for the Clone Wars, and playing through that was my first exposure to the material, as surreal as that first impression was. It was the first time I’ve ever played one of the Lego Star Wars games where I wasn’t intimately acquainted with (able to recite in my sleep) the story and dialogue. We eventually bought the show on disc on sale somewhere, and I’ve been slowly watching it and enjoying it, but I’m always surprised that everyone is not exactly the same height.

Thats one of the first episodes and not a highlight in any form.

Oneof my complaints is that the show will episodes like the ones on Umbara or the slavery arc which are amazing, plots about military chain of command and the humanity of clones, with absolutely brutal action like a clone suddenly getting shot and collapsing mid sentence. Then the next week its silly childish dreck like C3PO and R2 wandering around talking to tiny aliens:smack: