Star Wars for a newbie - how to immerse?

My wife has never seen Star Wars. She has never seen any of the series. She may have seen a little bit of one of the movies on TV or something.

She’s not a big sci-fi fan, and has no burning desire to immerse herself in SW culture. But she’s pretty willing to watch about anything, and has expressed an interest in finally see these movies because everyone else in the world has.

So, the question I have is this: For someone with practically zero background in the subject, what is the best order to watch the films? The order of theatrical release, or the episodical order?

On one hand, watching them in order of release would allow her to know everything in the early episodes that a life-long fan would, thus mirroring the experience of everyone else on the planet.

OTOH, the first episodes might not come off as disappointing to someone who doesn’t already know the outcome. For instance, things might be different if you don’t know that the annoying little kid in the first movie will end up being Darth Vader. (Her ignorance of the story line is literally on that level.)

So, which order would the true fans prefer to see them if they were starting fresh?

I’m sure this comes up occasionally, but a cursory search didn’t produce anything.

Theatrical release order. Otherwise it pretty much ruins the big surprise in Episode V.

I second Lord Ashtar’s recommendation. If it’s the Star Wars universe you want to immerse her in, though, the KotOR games aren’t such a bad place to start.

Watch the original trilogy. If you want more, listen to the radio series. Then pretend that nothing else taking place in the Star Wars universe was ever made, written, performed, or even conceived of. (Except, possibly, the short film Troops.)

1.) Get a time machine and travel back to 1977 so there are no imbedded cultural refrences to Star Wars.

2.) Buy a ticket to that space movie everybody’s talking about.

3.) Hi Opal!

4.) Enjoy!!!

That’s the best I could think of.

Watch the Star Wars Holiday Special first. It’ll make you appreciate everything else all the more.

Yes - and follow that up with The Ewok Adventure. After that, everything else will look good.

You could also reassure her that it’s not science fiction, but epic fantasy/action-adventure/family saga set in space, albeit with some nifty tech stuff tossed in.

I kinda liked the Ewok adventure. Although I was just a kid at the time.