Star Wars imperial military nomenclature

In SW:ANH, there was Grand Moff Tarkin.
in the novels, there was Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Whats the difference between an admiral and a moff?

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A “Moff” is actually a political title, IIRC. If you notice, Tarkin was also called “Governor” Tarkin by Princess Leia.
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Yup. A “Moff” is something of a district administrator - more like a congressman - over each sector. A Grand Moff was then a governor who oversaw many sectors and answered only to the Emporor. Tarkin actually had even more clout than that because it was his ideas, known as the “Tarkin Doctrine”, that the Emporor used as a model for all the “Scare them into submission” type stuff.

The Grand Admirals are just military officers. “Just” in the way that they controlled vast fleets. There were, I think again, only 12 Grand Admirals - and Thrawn - whom nobody knew about.

Considering the Imperial Navy possessed hundreds of thousands of capital vessels (there were an estimated 50,000 Imperial-Class Star Destroyers of the Mark I and Mark II varieties alone), that leaves these guys with rather a lot of power.

The U.S. has a surface fleet of between 500 and 1,000 ships (I think only surface) and we have gobs of admirals, so you can imagine the force these 12 (13) guys could bring to bear.

I don’t mean to be an ass about this or start a Star Wars Canon Holy War, but just how do you get this “50,000 Star Destroyers” bit?

No, wait; I know it comes from a book. But the MOVIES make no reference to a fleet of such enormous size, and there’s no secondary evidence that the fleet is that big. The fleet at the Endor battle sure isn’t 50,000 Star Destroyers, and IIRC didn’t even look like a hundred. The only information we have about the “Star Wars universe” that actually matters if you’re a fan of the movies is, well, the movies. And there’s no 50000-ship fleet in the movies.

Balls, Rick. Why do so many people up and refuse to acknowledge the lagitimacy of the written SW universe? Damn, that’s annoying. It also completely deletes the viability of this thread to begin with, as there is no way of knowing what a Moff is besides the fact Leia calles Tarkin a governor and there is no mention whatsoever of a Grand Admiral in the films.

If you’re gonna control a galaxy, you’re gonna need a lot more Star Destroyers than you have time to see at the Battle of Endor. I find it reasonable that they’d have 50,000 spread out over all sectors. Gotta maintain that presence to keep the people in line, donchaknow.

The OP asked a pretty simple and honest question. What does that have to do with it?

As for “Acknowledging the legitimacy of the written SW universe…” boy, that amost hurt to type. Who “Recognizes the legitimacy” of the “universe” described in fiction, anyway? The OP asked a question about a MOVIE, which was part of a series of movies. If it’s not between the first frame and the last frame it’s not part of the movie.

Max Carnage: That’s a pretty reasonable point, although as to that, the 50,000 ship bit still isn’t mentioned. There are a number of references in the films to the notion that, in fact, the Empire CAN’T be everywhere at once. There also seem to be many star systems that have little or no Imperial presence at all. It’s clear in TESB that the Empire is a new arrival, more or less, at Bespin; Leia’s mention of “Dantooine” in SW reveals the place was once used but has been abandoned for months, and the Empire didn’t know it; Hoth went unnoticed for quite some time. Nobody’s apparently keeping an eye on Dagobah. There are references abounding to the “outer rim” which I would assume means the fringes of Imperial control, and the entire system is feudal in nature anyway, according to Tarkin in SW.

The entire purpose of the first Death Star was to scare the bejeebers out of everyone so that you didn’t need a fleet of ships in every system, according to Tarkin and one of his monkeys. Given the purpose of the Death Star, the inability of the Empire to keep the Alliance from finding a plethora of bases, and the frequent references to planets with only the skimpiest Imperial presence or none at all, it seems like maybe the Imperial fleet isn’t quite as big as they actually need.

I thought the only quote was 25,000 ISDs? Where did you get the 50k from? Either is still pretty small for a million+ worlds, though there are a load of smaller ships as well.

As to the legitimacy of the expanded universe, Lucas has a whole order of what is more authoritative, ranging from the films and scripts at the top, down through all the books, comics and games. It’s all official, it all happened unless it’s contradicetd by something higher up the canon hierarchy. (There are a few exceptions, such as the Vader vs Maul comic, but they’re specifically stated to be exceptions)

Shortie is right about the numbers. I post while at work and don’t take a lot of time to actually think about things before they go in. Oh well.

And Rick, if I’m such a fool for “recognizing the ligitimacy of a fictional universe,” why are we even discussing this?

You want to discuss completely imaginary topics, which means we’ll have amorphous concepts that rely entirely on what some guy says is “real”.

Doesn’t it kind of make sense that the more information we have about it the better for accuracy and completedness?

With an imaginary subject, the more details we have the easier it is to define the subject, yet you refuse consider source material outside the films

And you also didn’t speak up on the point that by what you’re saying the argument doesn’t exist because there are no Grand Admirals in the films any more than they actually show you 25,000 SDs.

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Another point: I’ven’t read any of the novels, but what is the context for the 25,000 / 50,000 numbers? Is that from an omniscient narrator, or from one character to another? If two characters, what’s their status? I can well imagine that, regardless of the fleet’s actual size, the Empire wants everyone to think that they have hundreds of thousands of ships, and it might be official propaganda to place the number at 50,000 Star Destroyers.

Regardless of the authoritativeness of the novels, of course, they’re (part of) what the OP’s asking about, so they’re germaine to the discussion at hand.