Star Wars Steampunk Action Figures!!!!


The detail on Boba Fett is amazing.

Wow. This is brilliant.

Wow, that dude made ewoks look cool! I didn’t think that could be done… :eek:

Woah - those are gorgeous! If only a) they were for sale and b) I had any money.

Marvel needs to do a steampunk universe line just based on the awesomeness of that Iron Man. And just look at his Justice League!

The Indiana Jones prop–the Fertility Idol?

It’s coming out in February 2009, as a piggy bank. I’ve got one on order.

The “Steampunk” looked okay (never was a big fan of the look, but I recognize it as a distinctive style), but I really dug the “Star Wars, 1942” look. I can just hear the Cantina Band cranking out some Glen Miller, and picture the Millenium Falcon as a B-25; or maybe a tramp steamer.