Star Wars: Wasn't always a new hope?

I heard here, there or somewhere that the first prints of Star Wars didn’t contain the words “A new hope” in the famous paragraph starting sequence. Anybody knows if this is true?

If so, that’s pretty logical because I had a strong suspicion that George Lucas didn’t imagine his idea would be a huge success, the trilogy of trilogies (apologies to Kieslowski fans) and part of a great saga (apologies to Friday the 13th fans).

This has been asked here several times.

The answer is no, no, NO!

No print of the 1977 film Star Wars contained the title A New Hope until after The Empire Strikes Back was released (i.e. not until Star Wars was re-released).

No matter how hard someone swears they saw it before this, they didn’t!

I’m pretty sure it did say “Episode IV” though. And then all that talk about a trilogy of trilogies before ESB came out.

Could be remembering a causality loop, now that I think about it…

It didn’t say ‘Episode IV’ either.

Hail Ants is right. Cite

Ok, but the talk about the multi parts was pre ESB, according to that cite. So, maybe that’s why my memory had false ingrams planted in it.

Thanks for the cite, btw, always nice to get The Straight Dope™ on something.