Stardew Valley - anyone playing?

A coworker casually mentioned to me this new game he picked up last week called “Stardew Valley.” Only $15. Pretty fun, he says.

So I grabbed it over the weekend. High holy hell, what an amazingly addictive game. Nicely paced, so much to do, and cutesy-retro. Highly recommended, in a “if you need a vacation from life” kind of way.

Anyone else playing?

You may get more traction in The Game Room.

I asked the mods to move shortly after I posted. They must be having the kind of day I’m having, as…it’s still here :frowning:

Nah, I just woke up, haha.

I’m playing it. It’s pretty awesome for anyone who liked Harvest Moon. It is made with even more love though.

Just picked it up two days ago. Already contemplating a reset, because of some amateurish mistakes, but I think I can work through them.

If you’re just starting out, build a silo as your first building. Don’t cut a wisp of grass until it’s built (just work around it by cutting down trees). You’ll need to plant grass later, anyway, to get enough hay to feed your animals, but the head start it affords you is key.

Also: animals don’t die. But they will get upset if they’re not fed, and stop producing resources (like eggs and milk). So if you have a lean winter because you didn’t stockpile enough hay, you’ll get through it.

Or you can just not have any animals (or a coop or a barn) for the first year, and only do crops. That’s viable, too.

Another tip: seasons last 28 days. If you plant a spring crop on day 26, it’ll just flat out die when summer rolls around. So plan accordingly. Each seed will tell you how many days until the first crop. Some crops (like hops) will output something harvestable almost every day after they fully mature, so those should be planted early in the season.

Later on (much later, like almost third year), you can get a greenhouse, and grow whatever you want whenever you want. I recommend berries, as they don’t have to be replanted every harvest, and make a great amount of G you can apply elsewhere.

There was a thread about this game a few days ago.

Talk about addictive – I’ve already put over 40 hours into this game. (It shows your time where you Load your save.)

I recommend people not spending much time reading spoilers or watching a lot of videos; a lot of the fun of the game is learning the ropes on your own. Just jump in and give this one a try.

It’s not fancy graphics so doesn’t require a strong gaming computer. Written by one guy over the past three years … very well done.

Strong recommend. It’s been a lot of fun for $15.

Have it, haven’t actually played yet due to being so busy with other games.