Starting a new forum question.

I am starting a new forum and I wonder if these settings are ok? Should I losen the security a bit? If so what settings do you suggest?

Any thoughts suggestions welcome. :smiley:

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samclem, moderator

Looks ok to me, as long as you respond quickly to moderated posts. Otherwise a false positive (which happens on occasion) will leave a post sitting in moderation for an excessive amount of time.

If you are slow to moderate you may want to raise the moderation threshold a bit, but that will let some spammers in too.

A lot of spammers don’t show up on the stopforumspam site. You’ll pick up a lot of them with what you have but don’t expect to catch anywhere near all of them.

I thank you for your post, I was thinking it was way too strict actually.

Can I ask what are this sites settings simular? I just do not want to block legit people from coming to my site.