Starting right NOW, how long could you go without spending any money?

A little thought game;

Starting right now, right where you’re sitting, how long could you make it before you were forced to make a monetary transaction, including credit?

A few days, maybe?

An hour. Otherwise I’d starve for lunch. There’s no way I can go home for lunch in my job.

I did a fairly major grocery shop last night. I’m gonna have to buy gas sometime in the next couple days, though.

I’m scheduled to pay rent in a couple days, but the landlord isn’t usually bothered if I’m a day or two late. I’m also supposed to buy a bus pass, but I could put that off if I wanted to start riding my bike to work.

Aside from rent, then, the catch is food, and I’ve got at least a month’s supply of htat inthe freezer and pantry.

I have to pay for my bus to get to work tomorrow.

In terms of substantial stuff, it’s the 29th and rent is due by the 5th. I have enough food, etc., to get by for longer probably but that must be paid.

Not to mention I simply *have * to buy Guild Wars tomorrow. Just noticed this game!

I suppose that I could not eat until I get home, so I could hold out until lunch at work tomorrow.

Ok, let’s narrow this down to exclude rent and bills. Just everyday living. Pretend your rent/mortgage is prepaid for the year and you have no bills coming up.
With the current amount of gas in your car/s and the current amount of food in your house or at work (without paying) how long could you keep going before things started to break down. Like, you couldn’t get to work so you get fired, you run out of food, etc.
What would be the first thing you’d have to pay for. Try to think about things like riding a bike to work, walking to work, or bumming a ride from someone. Food supplies would be tough, but could you go to the neighbors for a meal?, have relatives close by?

Do you really, really need to buy a lunch at work? Do you really need to take a bus or car to work? How long could you last without? Consider taking sick days or vacation/personal time to fend off the boss once your bus pass expires or your car runs out of gas. :wink:

I was going to answer this, then I ran to the vending machine for some Fritos.

So, probably not long.

“mm, you just can’t beat these things when they’re fresh”,

So far we’ve got wolfstu at a month and Ravenman at an hour :dubious: .

Don’t make me add “OK, let’s pretend you have NO money or credit,” cause I will if I have to. :smiley:
So far, you do have money, you just want to see how long you can go without spending any of it. It’s a principle thing as far as you know.

Only until I wanted to drive somewhere. My car is not quite out of gas, but close to it. Now if I had known that this thread was going to come up, I could have gotten gas yesterday, and then I’d be good for a much longer period of time- like until next week. Though, given the interesting assortment of food in my apartment- I’m guessing I’d still have to spend money by the weekend.

Approximately 6 weeks. Give or take a little bit.

Freezer, fridge and cupboards filled. Garden coming along to actually producing vegetables.

I don’t drive.

Several hours, until I leave the office. I take the subway.


Well, I already walk to work, and, although I wouldn’t relish doing so, there is plenty of food to live on in the break room here. I imagine that I could survive indefinitely.

Realistically, I expect not to spend any money until tomorrow at lunch, when I go bowling with guys from work.

2 Days, then I have to fill my gas tank.

Does this include money spent without my consent? I wan’t planning on spending any yesterday but then a receipt shows up in my email inbox. Seems my precious daughter has hacked my iTunes account.

Probably tomorrow (assuming the prepaid bills & stuff. It’s the end of the month, all of my automatic payments are happening right around now). Maybe Saturday.

I have about a day’s worth of gas in the car, maybe. (I was going to stop for gas on the way home). I could ride my bike to work - but it’s an hour and a half (at least) ride each way. It wouldn’t be pleasant.

The big problem is food. There’s a thread right now about what staples you don’t have. For me, it’s food at all. I have never quite figured out how to do that thing where you open up the refrigerator or pantry and there’s food inside. It just isn’t there - so, by Saturday (at the very latest), I’d be staring at some cake flour and trying to figure out whether it goes bad and if you can do anything with that and water.

(Why do I have cake flour? I don’t know. I don’t remember buying it. But I know it’s there. Sealed. In the box.)

I still live with my parents when I’m not at college, so I might be able to make it through the rest of the summer. I wouldn’t starve to death, anyway.

I bought a sandwich and throoughly enjoyed it. A nice chicken sandwich with a kind of caesar like dressing.

I should add that I have no interest in NOT spending money for significant periods of time. I have no fascination whatsoever with leading a life within the confines of what would be essentially a subsistence economy.

Like Cliffy, I have to take the Metro to get home. They won’t let me spend the night in my office; otherwise, I could use the toilets and steal from the fridge. But I’d get pretty smelly.