Starting tomorrow! Drive to the middle of nowhere!

Well, tomorrow we launch our weeklong trip up The Dalton Highway (check our the photos) to Deadhorse, Alaska. Once there, we take a tour up to Prudhoe Bay.

Along the way, we will be picking blueberries and fishing for trout and Arctic grayling and visiting a complete photographer’s dream. Although I’m from here, this will be the first time up this road. It’s not paved for the most part, and the truck traffic is fast and brutal. Gas is only available in a couple of places along the 414 mile trip, but we should be fine with a 55 gallon tank on board. We’re taking a satellite phone in case of breakdown and a portable CB radio for the truck traffic.

Man, I’m looking forward to this vacation. See y’all when I get back!

Oooo, ooooo, don’t forget the extra spare tires!

That’s the big 'un for the Dempster, anyways. The frost-shattered rocks just slash your tires to ribbons, and while you can usually bum a jerrycan of gas off some Good Samaritan Trucker, spares in your vehicle’s size can be hard to come by in the middle of nowhere.

I want to do the Dempster next year. Any suggestions?