Startup says that it can detect tendencies for things like terrorism through facial analysis.

So, homeland security is spending money on a modern day version of phrenology.

Look at the company’s website. It’s like some kind of parody. It’s like Nazis measuring nose size.

This is obviously nonsense, but even if they were correct, by their own statements they’d be wrong 20% of the time. Of every 5 people they’d label as a terrorist or a pedophile, one would be completely innocent.

The fact that homeland security has invested in this is frightening.

I have a machine that can predict criminal tendencies through skin pigment analysis, too. Call me, DHS.

Eh. Law enforcement is already infatuated with polygraph machines. Those things are regarded as pseudoscience by many scientists, and the National Research Council has found no evidence of effectiveness (cite: Wikipedia).

Worse yet, they will act even when the machine doesn’t give them grounds. My wife’s nephew’s probation officer tried to send him back to jail on the basis of an “inconclusive” polygraph result.

The illusion of control is very seductive.

And they said there was nothing to Phrenology.

(they were right of course)

Look at all the mug shots of prisoners in your local jail.

Then go to your local college and look at the people there.

Notice any general differences? I SURE do!

You know, I honestly thought that no one here would try to defend this. Silly me.

Place yourself in other people’s shoes. You might learn a few things. Many police departments have ride along programs. Might want to ride along with an officer some time. It will open your eyes!

This isn’t the pit, so I’m not taking the bait.

Someone has pointed out that the company stated that they had “signed a contract with a homeland security agency”, but did not specifically say that it was US homeland security, so it could be any country.

Beady eyes are the giveaway.

This sounds like something I might want to integrate into the new racial profiling software platform I’m developing.

They can even pick out those dastardly bingo players!

(Scroll down to “OUR CLASSIFIERS”.)

Go to your local college, arrest people at random. Book them and take their mugshots.

See any difference? Me neither.

I have a program that can predict sociopathic tendencies by analyzing the target’s connection to government security agencies.

Man there’s a sucker born every minute.

Remember the fake bomb detector? People paid good money for a “glorified dousing rod”. Now they’re buying more snake oil. Will they ever lean? How stupid are these people?

I don’t recall hearing about that one, but when I saw the above article I immediately thought of this one: Quadro Tracker - Wikipedia

That’s the device that turns up in a Clancy novel to save the heroes, isn’t it?

I have no idea. Clancy writes about it as if it really works?

I’m putting my money into mood rings. They are uncannily accurate.

My mistake - Clancy used the similar DKL Lifeguard in his novel Dowsing for Dollars: Fighting High-Tech Promises with Low-Tech Critical Thinking Skills - by Robert T. Carroll - The Skeptic's Dictionary -