State Income Tax Question (LA/TX)

A friend of mine has gone to work as the Texas representative for a New Orleans company and has received her first paycheck. She doesn’t do anything for them in Louisiana, but they have deducted Louisiana income tax from her check. Does she have to pay LA tax? Do they have to withhold it?

IANAA and IANAL, but I’ve had this problem, but reversed (I worked for a Texas company, but lived in Louisiana.).

She should talk to the payroll department. Many companies take state tax out as a matter of course, and they may be able to tell her if she really owes state income tax, and if she doesn’t, they can stop the deduction, or at least point to some information.

She might also be able to file a state tax return for Louisiana and ask for the state taxes back, being that she is a non-resident (which assumes that she does live in Texas).