State-less license plates

On the drive in to the office this morning, i saw a most unusual thing - an SUV with a licanse plate without a state designation. It was not a government vehicle as far as I could tell (there were no markings). It was a standard-sized plate, numbered “MR-11”. At the top of the plate, where the state name is normally placed, were the letters “M.F.G.”. I missed the text at the bottom of the plate, but it might have said “apportioned”.

Two notes: I don’t live anywhere near a vehicle production plant. I couldn’t identify the make or model of the SUV (mainly because there are so many different kinds, and I don’t bother to remember).

Questions: What does this type of license plate designate? A manufacturing prototype? What other kinds of plates exist that are “state-less”?

MFG usually means manufacturer-- did it say MFG or M.F.G.?

You might want to look up your state (and nearby states) at to see if you can find something that matches what you saw.

Not sure what the answer to your first question is, but as fo your second question, the US government, the military, and some Indian tribes also issue their own plates.

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